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Honda halts production at Sayama plant after cyberattacks

By Toru Yamanaka

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In other words, Honda still runs on Windows XP - anot operating system so old that Microsoft no longer supports it.

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This type of virus is very nasty and no need to have XP to be infected, it can happen on any windows OS with internet connection depending of software running on the machine.

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Actually Microsoft does continue to support it, but not officially.

Future war scenarios used to describe such attacks on computer systems, but perhaps war has already started.

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This is a failure for Honda IT.

There has been a critical patch available for over a month. For fast spreading viruses like this, not installing the patch is a complete fail.

Perhaps Honda's IT contracts don't allow them to patch - that is common in hospital IT contracts too. It is passed time to re-negotiate support for large-scale, world-wide, attack viruses to get priority patching by the vendors.

Microsoft still officially supports WinXP - for a price. It is very expensive and there is an annual cost per system. Bean counters probably choose not to pay it. That's like not buying renter or home owners insurance. We all hope we don't need to use insurance, but when you need it, you REALLY need it.

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Hire professionals would be the best option. Obvious Honda is cheap, stupid or both, there is no reason so this to happen with the right people and tools.

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Long shot, but I wonder if this is partly why Honda could not provide the upgrade for McLaren at the Canada Grand Prix?

Someone sent me an unofficial link to keep my old XP PC plugged into MS's upgrades, but shortly afterwards I discarded and bought into new systems anyway. US cash machines were said to be still running on XP, so behind the scenes MS could never abandon them.

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What's the point in running Windows OS at the factory? All such installations could be easily replaced with Linux or Mac OS X, and bingo, no viruses!

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Did all the robots take each other hostage? I wonder what happened....

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Um. It's truly a battle of wits in cyberspace. Sounds like the odds are with the attacker(s) so far. And yes, as gogogo says in the above field, Honda should hire computer professionals familiar with computer hacking and the like.

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This stuff is nasty indeed and proper detection by security software can take time, which offers opportunities for infection during that delay.

@bosphorus: If you do a websearch for "linux ransomware", one of the top hits might be from two days ago, mentioning a company that paid 1M USD because of their infected linux systems. The same counts for mac by the way :-D

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In other words, Honda still runs on Windows XP

More likely Windows 7.


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One of the wannacry exploits is via the SMB. An attack vector that has been exploited since the days of NT4. MS has still not fully patched this vulnerability in ALL windows OS even after yesterdays bumper patch Tuesday. The simple fact is that MS bloatware is not fit for purpose. Every since NTFS arrived M$ have been telling us how the next version of Windowzzzz is more secure than the last. BS. Even a web based call directly to the MFT will still bluescreen most Windowz boxes, another trick that has been around since the days of NT4.

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In other words, Honda still runs on Windows XP - anot operating system so old that Microsoft no longer supports it.

Actually many plant operation sytems still run on antique version of Windows (CE, XP, NT, etc) (as old as the plant itself, folks), and must be full time online.

Even a 15 years old Linux can still be without much hassle updated to the last security state of the art level...

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MS still supports XP - it's just not free anymore

Still, MS has been issuing free patches for XP anyway due to WannaCry:

"New Windows XP patch: Microsoft issues extraordinary fix to protect PCs against next WannaCry"


Nevertheless, less than 0.02% of WannaCry-affected computers run on WinXP

A whopping 98% of WannaCry-affected computers run on Win7 that's not been kept up with the security patches:

"98% of WannaCry victims were running Windows 7, not XP"


What's the point in running Windows OS at the factory? All such installations could be easily replaced with Linux or Mac OS X, and bingo, no viruses!

Depends what they need the computers for. If they use computers for software or peripherals that don't run on Linux or OSX, then those would be useless for them

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