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Hostage video: Was it really done outside?


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He runs a security firm now? This summer he was a homeless person

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The inside studio is called a green room.

THey usually have lights set up too, and that is why the light is coming from two directions making it appear as if the sun was wrong.

We use these for business all the time in Tokyo.

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to the people who doubt the video, yes maybe it was shot in a studio, ISIS got millions of dollars to afford proper filming equipment and helps them confuse the enemy to determine their location.... shot in a studio or pre lit... it doesn't matter, they will kill these guys.

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If a fan was used you'd expect the screen to be moving. If there were two lights, then you would expect there to be two shadows on each guy. The idea of photoshopping two separate shots does seems likely, though.

One thing is for sure; we do not see their legs or feet, so we do not know what surface they are standing on.

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Wherever it was shot, it's attacking lots of parodies:


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It is a strange video but, strange or not, my guess we must get ready for RIP.

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Filmed in a green-screen studio, most likely separately from the hostages. Every aspect rings manufactured: inconsistent shadows, conflicting "wind" with no dust movement, lighting reactions, indoor sound/acoustics, lack of reactions to "jihadi john's" knife waving, etc. Very much like previous videos.

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One of CNN (FOX) bottom message stated that ISIS released new video and a message of "Count down begun: So it seems they are safe yet. Maybe new video will have different clothes than old old orange colored US prison uniform.

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Hey Coward put off your mask.

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Yes, the shadows are incorrect.

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I saw that as well on Fox that the video seems to have been edited, but if these guys were beheaded there is one Islamic site where they show the actual beheading and there is no editing with this one. I won't name the site, but from watching the previous beheadings this site is a very clear confirmation of it without a doubt

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katest video I watched had jbife wieldinf and sgadiws if movements were behind of masjed man;s novement, /so there are 4 suns in the desert there, Don;t laugh me for watching FOX CNN. Other channels do not televise world news all day long.

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The article completely misses the point of PROPAGANDA: it's not to tell the truth, or to have real people filmed together at the same time with real sand dunes behind them. The point is to show you've got them in your clutches (they have) and to HAMMER HOME YOUR POINT OF VIEW! (and they have!)

The point is not money, it's simply: "Japan-you gave 200 million to be used to fight us, here we have two of your citizens, we demand 200 million back to make it equal! If you don't pay, they die, and it's your government's fault! And to other countries-watch out! If you support the fight against us, we'll find and murder some of your innocent citizens to make a point, too!"

Just as in Madrid in 2004-the point wasn't to bomb Spanish people per se-it was to get the Spanish people to demand that the Spanish government withdraw their support for the War in Iraq. And guess what? It worked!!

Think about it: how many Japanese citizens are starting to murmur, "We shouldn't support the fight against ISIS! It's not our fight!" ??? THAT'S THE POINT!

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