Ibaraki police officer arrested for stalking


A 58-year-old police officer in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture, has been arrested for stalking a woman with whom he had been having a long-term relationship.

According to police, the officer, identified as Katsunori Iwama, threatened the 58-year-old woman in 20 emails and letters since January that he would circulate photos of her, NTV reported Sunday. He also was seen lurking outside the woman's apartment.

Iwama, who is married, was quoted by police as saying he just wanted to talk to the woman with whom he broke up last December.

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Aaaand that's Monday.

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How does one "lurk" anyway?

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"Lurking" is a loaded word. However, I also have a feeling it's accurate given the other behavior. You want to talk to someone? Try not threatening them.

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In Dubai its same. If someone is lurking a woman, he will be in prison between 1 to 6 months ! It's annoying to be lurking by someone...!

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Morning! Another day, another plunker!

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Well, it's Japan, so he won't face severe punishment if he even gets fired. I hope he at least gets 'fired' from his marriage. No doubt his better half knew about what was going on with him and his mistress, who seems to have finally gotten her act together and left the guy, but once this kind of dirty laundry is aired in public it's usually game over.

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I remember a while back JT reported on a story about how the Jpolice were launching a campaign to regain the public trust. I don't think its going so well....

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skulking, sneaking or lying in wait might have been better than lurking which I believe is pretty much obsolete.

I don't think I've heard it except in movies and books.

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Heh. I think "skulking" was from the same era as "lurking". "Stalking" says it all.

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Ya`ll know what lurking is and its not cool! Also it must be hard to call the police on a policeman....

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