Indian police to hold Japanese gang rape ID line-up


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These dirt trashy criminals must be punished to the maximum sentencing to fit their vicious crimes. It seems this criminal act exist among certain sector of Indian males. It happens it many places and too many occasions on the news. What a bunch of scum bags and low life. Indian government must deal with this problem with utmost concerns.

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She is very lucky to be alive. Japanese tourists are seen as targets and single woman traveling is seen as stupid by not just rapists. There is nothing sacred or spiritual about India.. get it through your heads.... silly girls with too much money going to see some tourist traps in this country or to practice yoga or attend an ashram... stop it... oh words can not describe how horrible it must have been to go through something this inhuman ... TAKEN is not just a movie.. if you want to experience India go to an Indian restaurant in Shibuya.

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There is nothing sacred or spiritual about India.. get it through your heads

Ok, we are all mad and want justice for her, but you are taking it too far dude, Don't generalize the whole country because of this one incident, Crimes happen anywhere, Unfortunately she met a wrong person but tourists should be more extra careful no matter what sex or where they are, NEVER assume that all places in world is SAFE..remember last year one Japanese girl was raped and murdered in Romania and 3-4 years ago another Japanese female tourist was killed and robbed in Bali. I know a lot of Japanese female who travel (alone but extra cautious) to India to study music instruments like Tabla and some do Yoga and they come back to Japan alive and well and many of them do this so many times, Indeed they are aware of the danger, but they are cautious.

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Stop victim blaming Kristina, that's disgusting. It's not her fault she was raped.

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There is nothing sacred or spiritual about India.. get it through your heads - True words. These local in-humans are well protected by local corrupted politicians whom are cheating poor peoples with this spiritual things.

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Put them to the same test, one by one, then release the video to the World.

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Too many of these gang rapes being reported out of India - seems to be a recent phenomenon (although that may just be that they are being detected better these days). Sick and sad. Poor woman.

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This woman was not 'silly'. What happened to her was very very sad. I'm sure most Indians feel great shame in this. These scum-bags must be dealt with severely.

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Certainly the news out of India in recent years has led to a decline in tourist numbers?

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Sajid Khan, 32, and his 25-year-old brother Jawed Khan, were arrested in the case on Friday, The names of culprits speaks a lot about the incidence. Its a shamefull thing.

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It must be awkward being a normal Indian guy in some places in the world right now, with all the generalizing going on.

As well, poor girl, but the lesson to all don't get into a situation where someone takes you to an ATM to use your cash or credit card, anywhere. It has happened that guys become sex slaves too.

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India has the curse of such criminals, they are like cancerous cells in a healthy body, who are allowed to roam free by some state governments. Japanese is a homogeneous society and It is difficult for the Japanese to understand this. we consider these acts as acts of terrorism. Terrorists want to destabilize economy or create terror about a nation.

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The names of culprits speaks a lot about the incidence.

? Sorry - I dont understand. How do the names of the suspects speak a lot about it?

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"I believe, though I could be wrong, that Khan is a Muslim name."

Yes, never has a person been raped by a Jew, Christian, Hinduist, Buddhist, atheist...

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When I first read this story, it broke my heart. What an unimaginably horrible thing to have happened to someone. She is totally not to blame, no one asks to be raped or abused like that. I hope she'll find healing and happiness after this ordeal.

We're all praying for you, girl.

On a more angry note, the criminals are monsters, and I hope they live the rest of their, hopefully short, lives in absolute pain and misery.

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Due to these incidents. All countries should post warning about traveling in India.

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I am sorry to say this but there is a personal choice involved in this matter. Yes, she was violated and the perpetrators must be severly punished and I hope the court will mete out an appropriate punishment to those who had done this despicable act but having said all, there is fault on this young girl too when she made the wrong choice of trusting a total stranger just because he could speak her language and going along with him. Partly she is at fault for being ignorant of such matters and making wrong choices. I hope she recovers well from this ordeal.

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I'd kill these guys if I had the chance. Says my heart,

That said, she was missing for a month. If she didn't escape would anyone have gone looking for her? Really India, you have so much to be ashamed for. I'd never visit there, nor would I let any female family member go there. Not just unescorted, but not let them go at all

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I have travelled to some countries and I have seen young Japanese girls trusting a smooth talker and going along with them. All japanese needs to understand that the situation abroad is totally different than their country, Japan. I hope they would be become street smart and don't allow themselves to be taken advantage by anyone when they travel abroad.

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I'd never visit there, nor would I let any female family member go there.

What kind of 19th century sexist patriarch are you?

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indian tourist organisation has to develop a strict system, so it will be clear which guides tourists can trust. japanese tourist and especially women have to be informed that there are severe dangers for their live and health.

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Lucabrasi, how is that sexist? I can't physically stop them from going, but I could dissuade them. You could be a little less silly with your accusations. Also, my daughter being a minor, I have the legal right to decide.

For all; I have recently seen some serious rape accusations in my gym in the US. Things are not as safe as you think/would want them to be, Seriously, women need to be careful everyday, and that is a shame. But rape culture is alive and well throughout the world. Though it is reigning in the Middle East and Southern Asia

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I hope they live the rest of their, hopefully short, lives in absolute pain and misery.

Seriously unhealthy attitude towards life. Try and be a bit more generous. You'll benefit too.

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I can't physically stop them from going, but I could dissuade them.

Exactly. Not what you said first time around....

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@NathalieB :- In India and in many countries , most crimes are committed by particular group or people , its not being biased or any thing , but In India the muslim population is 15% but there share of crime rate is more than 50% ...

@elkarlo :- I dont know what country are you from , but every society and every country have their own share of poblems...

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This woman was not 'silly'

Well, a woman traveling alone in an impoverished country is not exactly genius, is it?

And don't call me a victim blamer because I never said the rapists should get one ounce of leniency, nor do I think they should.

All I am saying is that people should take steps to protect their own well being, as much as some people prefer to live in dream world of unlocked doors and gentleness.

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Luca, you are reading into things that aren't there Sorry buddy.

Rahul, yes all countries have problems. South Asia and the Middle East have rape problems. It isn't being mean or opinionated. It is based on there being an ingrained there.

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Surely there should be warnings issued by foreign ministries when travelling to India, this is so wide spread and this not just for single women. I do have good Indian friends through work etc but I did travel in India as a part of a world trip nearly 10years ago and I must say it was the only place I really did not enjoy. Had I known this rape situations, I would have been very reluctant to include India in the trip as I was travelling with my wife

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I spent 3 month in India in 1996. It was tough place to travel then with pitfalls and con artists at every turn. It was certainly dangerous in places, with bandits, thieves and scammers of all description. For women I felt it was particularly so. India holds romance for many, but the reality is an overwhelming poor population with near on medieval social conditions and customs in the more remote regions.

This woman shows an indelible spirit to me. To endure for a month the inconceivable, to take the opportune moment to outwit her captors and make her way to Calcutta to file a police complaint, now staying on to bare witness to the evil little weasels that perpetrated the crime - she has my upmost respect and admiration. She must be tough.

Give the bast@*% 25 years.

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Mr.Timothy Bedwell & Kekahuna, both of you were right in your logic. But you can only know the real scenario from an Indian who has got the guts to speak the truth. Most of the Indian desperately jump into a desperate fight to save the image of their countries. Actually we Indians suffer from classical 3rd world syndrome, we scarcely have got the courage to accept the fact, or fight the inner vices we cherish from our youth. If I say that crimes exist in every country, that will be a criminal's logic; we who hail from the 3rd world countries desperately put our endeavour in escaping by showing the crimes happened (even if it's rare) in other countries, it is the sign of a weak soul and cowardice. Yes rapes even our countries don't take place every second but being born & brought up here in this country, I watched fellow men closely and I don't feel weak to accept the fact many a men take women as the object of lust, many of them rape them by their eyes and truly when I see such two-legged pests, I feel like breaking their bones. You can at ease find such garbages infesting the Indian subcontinent, many a people attend schools, colleges, Universities and many of them receive modern professional degrees but hardly one receives genuine education which involves maturity, manners, modesty, & self-restraint. Just learning English never makes one a human being. If one teaches English to a monkey, the monkey might start conversing in the same but never it will become a human. It takes a huge courage to accept one's fault, and to fight one's innate vices. Borrowing modern technological advancements, a land never turns into a modern nations, it can only pose as one. This is the naked truth about countries like this. The Japanese people have never seen human garbages in their countries and they easily believe in people, they believe in equality in human beings, so they trust anybody blindly, but we take advantage of the naivety of the Japanese people, especially women and cheat them shamelessly. Being an Indian man, I feel terribly ashamed and feel like dispatching such two-legged parasites. I support Kekahuna; the foreigners should mercilessly avoid such countries and if they want to have the taste of India, visit an Indian restaurant, learn Yoga in their countries. They should not trust a single 3rd world entity. These words might ails some criminally inclined 3rd world souls because they are cowards' certainly there are some good-hearted genuinely kind souls in our country too but the truth is that a country is never made with exceptions.

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These rape incidents have been coming out of India in droves lately. It just wasn't long ago when the bus incident happened. Then female tourists getting raped. This is just the latest one. Maybe it's been happening a lot before but just now getting reported. Just disgusting.

This is a big stain on India and especially Indian men. They'll just be seen as sex-starved, lowlife scums. Warranted or not, it's up to them to correct the perception. The world is watching.

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What about the Indian girl found hanged after she was gang raped and the police did nothing...

I can't believe some posters are criticising this poor woman. So she was naiive... is that a crime now? Not everyone has urban street smarts and carries a concealed means of self defence when they go on holiday.

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Let the punishment fit the crime + Jail time.

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