Indonesian arrested in S Korea for Japan tsunami fraud


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This is such a textbook "Nigerian" scam.

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Classic Nigeria scam. My empathy for the victim here is limited... her greed overruled her common sense, so she got the result.

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I'm actually surprised that we didn't hear about people 419ing people using the tsunami sooner. While slightly more plausible than a Nigerian prince dying, these scams are fueled on people's blind greed and get no sympathy for me.

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And what happens to the money? The Korean guy was in the scam all the same.

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wow, i think i had received like this spam the other day. it also said her client' dad died who has left a large money in his bank account. maybe this way has been popular among scammers.

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According to law, the person who paid the money for the scam to move forward should be arrested an charged as well. It all came to light when he realized he was scammed.He wanted to take advantage of the system as well. He saw it as a good chance to make an easy buck. What a moron. The step he should have taken is to have contacted an investigator and have the scam come to light with the proper protocol. What IF he would have forged all these documents? What IF he had gotten that money? Would he still have reported this to the police?

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