Inmate of Fukushima prison near nuclear evacuation zone sues TEPCO for emotional distress


It’s been two years and nine months since the March 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami disaster swallowed up whole cities and caused one of the worst nuclear power disasters in history. For much of the world, the devastating event is a distant memory.

But for many living near the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, like the inmates at a prison located within the nuclear evacuation zone, the Tohoku earthquake and the persistent effects of the subsequent nuclear disaster altered their lives forever. So says a former inmate of a prison in Fukushima who is formally suing TEPCO for emotional distress.

The unnamed inmate says the disaster profoundly affected her life and the lingering radiation in the evacuation zone caused her prolonged emotional grief and worry, especially after her request for a prison transfer to a location outside of the evacuation zone was denied.

The woman says TEPCO owes her 3 million yen in damages to make up for the nuclear meltdown deeply affecting her life – even forcing her to cancel plans to have a baby for fear the child would suffer birth defects.

The woman was only imprisoned for three years and is now free.

Source: MSN Sankei News

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So a prison is still operating "located within the nuclear evacuation zone" ????? Shows how much the state values the lives of the staff and inmates.

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Shows how much the state values the lives of the staff and inmates.

No, it doesn't. It's "regrettable" this article omitted the word "voluntary" as in "voluntary evacuation" from the description of the zone in which this prison is located (in Fukushima City, 70 kilometers from the nuclear plant.)

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Is this true? There is a prison in Fukushima that is within the evacuation zone? I lived in Fukushima for 7 years and never heard about any prison........

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There is a prison in Fukushima that is within the evacuation zone?

The prison is in Fukushima City, about 70 km away from the plant. I wouldn't describe it as "near," nor simply as a "Tohoku prison."

I would also refrain from using simplified descriptions such as "the nuclear evacuation zone." There are a handful of categories. The prison is located in an area in which citizens were urged to consider leaving voluntarily.

As a prisoner serving a three year term from February 2009, she had forfeited her right to things like freedom. She will lose her case.

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As a prisoner serving a three year term from February 2009, she had forfeited her right to things like freedom. She will lose her case.

and quite rightly so. If you cant do the time, dont do the crime.

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As a prisoner serving a three year term from February 2009, she had forfeited her right to things like freedom. She will lose her case.

Wrong she was sentenced to imprisonment, not radiation poisoning, prisoners should not be subjected to the potential harm from this disaster, being in prison is the punishment, being subjected to cancer against their will is not.

I hope she wins her case. It was bad enough sitting here in Tokyo ( By choice ) during the time the plant was emitting radiation wondering if it was going to affect us let alone living 70 k/s from it and being able to do nothing.

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I hope she wins her case.

This law breaker and gold digger filed for action from a Kagoshima court just this month, more than six months after her negotiations with the disputes tribunal left her unsatisified. She was paid 120,000 yen by TEPCO, which she accepted. That TEPCO did not offer more at that time nor now suggests data do not justify offering more for her plans-to-conceive-and-have-a-baby-one-day stress. The women's prison (the only one in Tohoku by the way) does not have walls made of cardboard and there are radiation measurements which are also concrete, and will trump fear.

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Wonder if that is my friend (name withheld) as she was there

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Then maybe shouldn't have committed the crime that sent her there... I don't feel sorry for her at all. If anyone should sue Tepco, it's the prison guards and other people who work there

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Prisoners should have the right to live in a nuke free and safe environment. I think 3 million yen is a reasonable amount to pay her if she is indeed in fear of her health and safety and the prison/TEPCO has done nothing to rectify this situation.

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We should all receive compensation from Tepco, we all suffered stress here in Tokyo and I know for some its an on going thing.

Sometimes its stressful just trying to make sure the food you're buying doesn't come from Fukushima.

Someone sitting in a fukushima prison should have been compensated as tepco have already paid out, so they in effect have admitted those prisoners were deserving victims.

Seems the amount is in dispute not the blame.

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I hear too many saying if you don't want the time don't do the crime. The same people complain about the Japanese judicial system and how the police coerce confessions from people. The fact that Japan has a 99% conviction rate says something is wrong. I would not judge the woman as we do not really know if she convicted a crime, it may be one of those forced confessions.

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She shouldn't be suing TEPCO, she should be suing the Japanese department of prisons. Forcing her to stay in voluntary evacuation zone amounts to an extra-judicial punishment not imposed on other prisoners imprisoned for the same crime.

As for those saying that it was somehow the prison's fault, that's ridiculous. That would be like saying that if the prison caught on fire and the wardens refused to extinguish it, resulting in many prisoners being burnt and disfigured, that it would somehow be the prisoners' fault because they were criminals.

The state has the duty of care for these prisoners. End of story.

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Almost three years and we all believed or made to believe that no one lived in the evacuation zone. Or was that a state secret? The only thing that seems to be under control is deceiving the public. I smell the coffee.

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With TEPCO now secretly transporting the waste water to different areas all over Japan it will make it hard for any one to sue them for radiation posioning as their defense will be that the levels of radiation are the same everywhere.

Radiation particules are being found in milk on America's East coast.

In 10 to 20 years the people of Japan, the country I love, will be dying from radiation sickness.

Seach on YouTube for the effects of radiation on the animals, plants, aquatic life and insects within 100 miles of the four total meltdown plants.

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