Iranian man arrested over ex-wife’s murder in Saitama park


Police in Saitama City have arrested a 51-year-old Iranian man on suspicion of killing his 50-year-old Iranian ex-wife in a park.

Police received a called from a 15-year-old boy at around 8 p.m. Tuesday, saying that a man and a woman “who looked foreign” were fighting in a park in Iwatsuki Ward, Fuji TV reported. When police arrived, they found the woman lying in some bushes, with a stab wound to the neck. She was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The victim, who lived in Hasuda, Saitama Prefecture, had previously consulted Iwatsuki police three times between May and September about trouble with her ex-husband. In November, the woman told police she hadn't seen her husband again and that she was OK.

Police said the suspect, who was found sleeping in a car in a parking lot outside an apartment building in Tokyo’s Toshima Ward at around 3 a.m. Wednesday. Police quoted him as saying he and his ex-wife got into a violent argument but he didn’t mean to kill her, and that he was defending himself.

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So his wife was so scary that he had to bring a knife in order to "defend" himself? And she consulted police three times about what, her ex husband was too scared of her?

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Typical Japanese police, did nothing even after the wife 3 times reported it.

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In. The. Neck.

He obviously meant to kill her.

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It does say she contacted them in November and said "she was ok" and hadn't seen him since September. It isn't that odd they prioritized other cases.

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gogogoDec. 5  10:09 pm JST

"Typical Japanese police, did nothing even after the wife 3 times reported it."

In Japan you won't get help from the police for these things. The police will tell you it is ' minkan mondai' , they don't get involved. Instead of being proactive to act and prevent a tragedy, they will wait for the tragedy to happen first before acting, in which case it will be too late. I was constantly harassed by my neighbors in Hodogaya Ku, Yokohama shi before and several reports I made to the police were in vain. They only responded minkan mondai we don't get involved. Thank God my life was not threatened. J police must be more responsive to these threats to prevent needless tragedies like this one.

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He’s admitted to killing her. The question now becomes whether it was murder.

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Why the names of the husband and the victim was not revealed?

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