Jailbreak has Hiroshima on edge


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...assuming that Li Guolin is still in Hiroshima and not gone elsewhere(?)

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my girl told me last night he has been getting visits from his friends lately. this was planned, not random. he knew they wouldn't be paying attention, plus the construction. he's long gone....

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Schofield! prison break was a cool tv series, shame it finished on season 4. Though I can sense a movie and a book coming out of this recent event in Hiroshima.

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Although the Chinese triad gangs would have helped him plan the escape

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800 man manhunt, yet I have yet to see a picture of him on tv. How are we suppose to recognize him. but yeah like many already said, he is probably already back in China.

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If he is Chinese... why He Keeping in Hiroshima ...?

It is better to Send him to Chinese jail ..

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Rather than a jailbreak, shouldn't this be called a prison break? He was serving a 23 year sentence at Hiroshima prison.

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He escaped in his white, prison-issued winter underwear.

Oh yeah ... that's a giveaway, we'll know this guy on sight.

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papiguilio....his face is all over the tube. He looks like a young Mao

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I guess he watched the whole season of Nankyoku Tairiku (Runaway) on TBS Japanese TV, and saw how easy it is too escape. It's a ripoff of Prison Break, but it was a cool Japanese Version.

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its his second escape. The first one ended in a shootout with police after he stole a police car from the first escape. His photo is everywhere....He's not an idiot obviously...However, many japanese people would agree that japanese police aren't the brightest in the bunch...So to see this happen...Well I can't say I'm all that surprised.

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Gotta love the writing. Dangerous indeed. Attempted murder and rape. Sentenced for 23 year years yet Japanese people who kill their kids get suspended sentences, rapists get a few years and are out to rape again... are never called dangerous in the news. The amount of focus on this guy's nationality is sickening. One program last night was highlighting where Chinese people live in large numbers and to be safe in those areas. Sickening. Though not surprising.

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tmarie, he was convicted of 10 crimes, not one or two. 23 years seems a bit long for attempted murder in Japan, but we're talking an average of 2.3 years per crime he was convicted of.

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He is extremely dangerous. This morning's news said that he is believed to have already broken into a home and stolen clothing. I don't doubt that he will kill without hesitation to avoid being caught. His nationality has nothing to do with it.

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He's still in Hiroshima! He broke into someone's house a block away from where I live and stole food and clothing. This is in the Minami Kanon area of Nishi-ku, Hiroshima. The police have been all over the place, going door to door asking everyone questions.

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If he just stole clothing, I certainly do hope the owners remember what clothes were taken. Looking for someone is quite hard, but if the cops know what clothes he might be wearing at the moment, the search could go faster.

I just hope he won't get out of the area.

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Escaped from prison, broke into a house and still in Horshima. Geeez, this guy is dangerous, but good. He's making the keystones earn thier paycheck.

I hope they catch this guy before he hurts someone.

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If nationality has nothing to do with it, why report he is Chinese? Why make comments about the Chinese communities?

10 crimes? What 10 crimes? Have only seen attempted rape and murder. I don't doubt this guy is "dangerous" but chicken little is working overtime right now with this.

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Looks like they nabbed him again.


You would be surprised on how the charges can add up quickly. Even during a car chase the cops keep track of every infraction and will lay it on.

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It"s ME

I hope it's true, and also I hope no one got hurt.

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Mentioned on the 17:00 news no details as yet.

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I'll bet if they posted an award, he would be found!

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A female officer nabbed him around 4:30PM.

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Maybe he is in a netcafe reading Japan Today? :P

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