Japan's 1st AI-powered ATM developed to combat money transfer fraud


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This will not end well.

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They cant seem to work out how to make ATMs (with the emphasis on "Automatic") work 24-7, yet they are busy working on adding AI to them??

And don't get me started on why is there a transaction fee on ATMs during nighttime hours, even though I'm using the same bank. ATMs in so-called "third world" countries are better in this regards.

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Why not just strip search customers?

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artificial intelligence,

Used to be a time when I thought that anyone who was being a smart-ass was someone with "artificial intelligence", funny how times change, although sometimes I wonder!

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They find a solution to bother a few % of users to avoid, with no certainty, a 0,00000001% risk of scam.

Will next time I go to the ATM be asked to shave my head, brush my teeth, clean my skin and remove my lenses lol.

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How much time and money was spent developing this completely unnecessary technology?

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There will always be someone to counter this "AI" and manipulate it is some way.


You said it best!!!

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Interesting! They are using artificial intelligence to combat artificial intelligence. “A fool and his money are easily parted.”

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When we had some building work done, I had to make multiple withdrawals on multiple days because "anti-terrorism" wouldn't let me withdraw enough to pay even one installment, never mind the whole bill. It surprises me to know that old people can get much larger sums out in a single visit.

Apparently the latest scam is cold calling builders who massively overcharge for foundation work. They tell people they have termites or rot and get old people to pay ten times the going rate for work thats probably not even necessary.

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They cant seem to work out how to make ATMs (with the emphasis on "Automatic") work 24-7, yet they are busy working on adding AI to them??

The line up for the ATMs on Friday evenings is always a laugh to me.

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