Fishing boat captain gets suspended term on fatal collision with Russia ship


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Very Japanese ruling. Punishing the victim first.

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They were stationary, and rammed amidships by the Russian vessel in the fog.

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They were stationary, and rammed amidships by the Russian vessel in the fog.

I have not been able to find a definitive mishap report but some accounts say the crab boat was underway, inbound to port with its load of crabs.

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Other reports say the boat was actively engaged in crabbing when it was hit. A fishing vessel is supposed to hoist a visual signal in daytime (ball, diamond, ball shapes) and a special light signal at night (white light on mast head, and if fishing gear extends 150 ft or more to side, a second white light below the masthead light and offset to the side of the extended fishing gear). Day or night in fog the vessel is to blast its horn three short blasts at no more than two minute intervals. Even if the vessel is stopped engaged in fishing if it fails to display the proper signals and sound its horn in fog the master is guilty of negligence for not adhering to the international rules of safe navigation.

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