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Aum trials end 16 yrs after sarin gas attack on Tokyo subway


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I hope they all go the gallows real soon.

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Kill them twice please.

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Shouldn't that be 'last ongoing case'? 3 members are still on the run.

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Justice seems to be incredibly slow here for these terrorists. Asahara and his co-conspirators should have swung ages ago, maybe the authorities are worried about revenge terror attacks if he ever does swing? Countless people had their lives destroyed by these evil people - many are now living as vegetables needing 24-hour care.

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Only good thing to come out of this is their Ebisu HQ has been home to the "What the Dickens" pub cum pick up joint since the late 1990's.

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Then convict and sentence the 3 missing accomplices in absentia and let the 13 swing long and high.

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Saran gas though first discovered by Germans (before Nazism) was also standard in both the US and NATO bag of tricks for many years.

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@METinTokyo I never recall the US or NATO every using sarin gas, so what's your point if you have one...

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Pretty swift justice, eh? I mean, only 16 years where some of their victims have lived in agony for that long. I remember one poor woman in her 20s whose contact lenses were fused to her eyeballs and the only solution was to remover her eyes. In Japan, what support can she find?


Sarin, which Saddam Hussein deployed against the Kurds in northern Iraq, was also used in an attack by the cult on the city of Matsumoto in central Japan the year earlier. Eight people died.

What connection does Hussein have to do with Matsumoto (other than the sarin connection)?

In Matsumoto, Yoshiyuki Kono's survived in a coma for 14 years. Of course, the police accused her husband and never apologized for their fact-free accusation.

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Just hand down the sentence to all criminals present at this time and just continue looking for the others until caught and and continue the sentence to hung them.

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In Matsumoto, Yoshiyuki Kono's WIFE survived


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I thought Japan was quik with this stuff capital punishment, & i thought they were already executed. if not yet then they should be! why should they be kept alive for these years while many people have suffered? Execute them!

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Only good thing to come out of this is their Ebisu HQ has been home to the "What the Dickens" pub cum pick up joint since the late 1990's.

I've played there!


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Hayashi Ikuo is the only one who did not get the death penalty. He got a life sentence because he "cooperated" with authorities. He deserves the gallows too. He was charged with killing two and injuring 231 others on the commuter train.

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SWIFT and sure that is justice in Japan...those 3 on the run, please turn yourselves in. The ropes are ready... In a decade or two.

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Let them wait for the day to come. They only get 1 day notice till they swing which could be any day. That said I am against the death penalty as that gets them off to easily. I would rather see them work 18 hour shifts every single day for the rest of their long lives.

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Sooner or later all of the scum of Aum will hang! I for one will not cry any crocodile tears for this EVIL, EVIL crazy cult! I can not wait for this idiot Asahara Shoko to hang!!

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Justice seems to be slow in all countries of the world who subscribe to " lets decide in favor of the accused" policy. It is fortunate that in Japan there is Justice and it appears to being served with the death sentences. I would suggest that when all the legal begals have totally exhausted their channels and have run out of money and fame, Justice will be served. Remember the Judges are lawyer also and lawyers are the bane of mankind,,,, an unnecessary wart on the system

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Of course, the police accused her husband and never apologized for their fact-free accusation.

Borscht, that's completely wrong. In fact Kono received several apologies, in public. I remember seeing the top police officials bowing and scraping on TV.

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You might be right but I only saw city officials bowing and scraping, not police officers. Maybe later the police apologized but I definitely remember them saying things like "the case is ongoing." I hope they apologized before Mrs. Kono died. Thanks for the update.

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Zichi: Thanks for the article link... Very cruel waiting like that everyday...

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Those murderers has to be hang immediately !

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And people are still joining Aleph. Dumb.

I was on those train lines that morning but missed by 20 minutes. Lucky me and many others.

Let them rot in solitary. It is a better punishment.

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An article in the vernacular Asahi Shinbun of today has a magnificent article. Three different groups, including the Aum Victim's Association, have announced that they OPPOSE the death penalty for the perpetrators on death row (with the exception of Asahara himself). Collectively, they espouse, "we need to get to the impetus of this crime, and prevent similar tragedies in the future." I am utterly winded at this display of benevolence. Let all the world see (including El Puto Mexicano above) that two wrongs do not make a right, and that killing does not bring solace to the victims of murder. This is truly a turning point for criminal justice in Japan.-------- Michael H. Fox-------- Japan Innocence and Death Penalty Information Center-----
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When they started rounding up Asahara and his cohorts way back when it was reported that it would take at least 20 years to execute them because of the time it takes cases to go through the Japanese courts. Seems as if this time frame was true.

Now (read today) the Justice Minister doesn't like to execute criminals ... so they might be eating up our tax money a little longer there on death row.

Should've hung 'em when they caught 'em ...

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It is for cases like this that I fully agree with the death penalty. To the gallows!

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So it took 16 years to judge a mass murderer. Interesting...

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Jail the ones who committed crimes, hang the leaders, close down their facilities, outlaw their religion, and check the contents of what their remaining followers are are teaching.

That is the way to deal with a virulent religion like Aum.

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