Coast guard arrests Chinese crew member over fatal collision


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Oh no, this won't bode well. Watch the communist newspaper flare up tomorrow.

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Oh no, this won't bode well. Watch the communist newspaper flare up tomorrow.

Why? There's no controversy here.

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As per western media, Chinese are supporting Iran and Syria for their evil acts,undermining the democracy setup. May be it is high time for the international community to impose some serious sanctions against chinese products,like banning them for 2 years.

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Ok,so now china will tell japan to turn them over and japan....will turn them over,they will return to china and be greeted with a heroes welcome THE END.

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impose some serious sanctions against chinese products,

Everything is made in China.

I have a feeling Richard is gonna be right(T-T)

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As far as looking at the traces of damaged Sierra vessel and the capsized boat, it seems that Chinese crew did not watch very carefully on one of the busiest areas.

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Everything is made in China.

Does it mean that china,, has already become super power to dictate??!!. no, funny!!

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For a change, I suggest Japan make the prosecution process transparent. Present objective evidences and show the confession video in court so the Chinese side cannot dispute without making themselves look ridiculous.

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Xyberc...even if Japan shows a video confession, China would say that Japan tortured the guy with old style war tactics to get a confession out of him. Regardless, I hope Japan sticks to its guns on this one. People have died in this case.

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Doesn't this Chinese know what duty of care means? Before that does he even know what "duty" means?

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Very sad for the dead Japanese. Very stupid and senseless accident, well at least I hope it was only an ACCIDENT! RIP poor Japanese fishermen

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Chinese government would not stick into this case. This is just another marine traffic accident. Never heard China accused other countries's justice about traffic accident or homicide cases that its migrants caused in the past. This is totally different from the coast guard boat and fishing boat collision around disputed islands.

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But, smaller vessels are supposed to give way to larger ones.

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I don't know much about maritime law. you mean that larger vessels can go straight at full speed even if there are many smaller fishing boats ahead on day or night? I would doubt it if all crews are dead of the accident. Usually someone survived if boat was capsized by collision accident.

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Not enough info to judge one way or the other, but given how in Japan the larger party usually takes the blame.......

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Get Real: either was captains getting arrested in Japanese waters near Senkakus, but that led to a major diplomatic incident where Japan had to hand the captain back. And this happened numerous times.

Either China will loudmouth Japan in their controlled press, or it won't get reported at all, as the Chinese seem to be in the wrong in this case, and it led to the unfortunate deaths of several Japanese sailors.

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Good excuse for Abe to ramp up the rhetoric and further it with'll take my mind off Fukushima ......

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This is a maritime accident, of the type that occurs everyday on the seas all over the world. The captain was not sent to a specific area on Chinese government orders to cause an incident as was the trawler captain in 2010. The Chinese government will not even comment on this accident.

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Disillusioned: I think (but not positive) that the give-way rule applies when power meets sail. For power-meets-power on a collision course, both should take a starboard heading (head right).

But the point is well taken. Why didn't this smaller boat have somebody on watch and get out of the way?

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The crew member I suppose the captain was taken into custody pending further investigation of the accident. Rules of the sea will be applied to determine who was at fault. Investigation into the accident and a decision will be coming.

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Stupid title of news, which should be something like " Coast guard arrests on-duty crew member over fatal collision ". It doesn't matter the nationality of the guy and the only reason he was arrested because he's on duty.

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In the civilized world when a Captain of a vessel does great harm to persons or property that captain is held liable.

But, in uncivilized nation's the governments just don't care.

I expect protests will soon follow and the PRC sponsored rioters will do what they always do, be uncivilized.

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A sea vessel is not a car that one can stop by applying the brakes to prevent an accident from happening even if the injured party is at fault.

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Wow, this thread is Conjecture Central.

The Chinese ship sails under a flag of convenience.

Hence no diplomatic controversy.

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Oh, I can just vision the Top Stories in the Chinese media: 1. Japanese woman stabs 2 Chinese co-workers and 2. Japan arrest Chinese ship captain over collision accident.

Well I hope Kyoto's new spiffy X-Band Radar is up and online...

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"Local media said the suspect had admitted the allegations."

Well, then, there can be no calls on this as some sort of anti-Chinese action. The man admits to being negligent, then he was negligent. I just hope he gets a fair trial.

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I heard in Fuji tere news that he gave a testimony where he said that 'I tried to make evasion but I didn't make it in time'. He made some mess and I think he's honest and regrets what he did (or he didn't to speak properly) as he doesn't even want to make some stupid explanations and takes the full blame on himself.

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The following is the first link on the Baidu news, the most popular news portal in China.

Per Google translation, its content is pretty much the same as reported here: essentially describing an accident with the alleged responsible party arrested, and further investigation going on ... no more no less!

It saddens me to see so many knee jerk reactions and bigoted speculations on this board about anything to with "communist China" here from people like Tokyo-Star. Sadly such bigots exist on both sides ...

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I want to here more about the reason why this even happened. Was there miscommunication between the ships or did the made in Japan work and the Chinese radar bust?

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May be it is high time for the international community to impose some serious sanctions against chinese products,like banning them for 2 years.

That would collapse our world economy. We've all got the Chinese needle poking into our veins now, pulling it out will result in major withdrawal.

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It does not matter where it happened, China owns the place! It could have happened in the Arctic Ocean, China owns it! Just prove them wrong.

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I hope Chinese will view their negligent citizens the same way Japanese view negligent Japanese: with shame.

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China can just claim Izuoshima as its territory, problem solved.

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