Aum spinoffs persist two decades after sarin attack

By Miwa Suzuki

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I know that Japan has several ways to terminate someones life, I wonder if they are allowed to use up his stock of sarin on him? it would seem a fitting end to him.

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"They called him the leader of a doomsday cult"

His doctrine indicated that the freemasons (globalist) would start ww3, (Armageddon)

Some even said he mirrored Manson's helter skelter doctrines.

After his lockdown his followers changed the groups name to Aleph-Hebrew alphabet; In Kabbalistic literature, the upper Yod


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One daughter who left in 2006, aged 16, has described horrifying ordeals during her childhood, including being forced to eat food with ceramic shards in it and being left in the cold in little clothing.

And the authorities sit by and do nothing? BS. Stamp the hell out of this group NOW

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Cult head Shoko Asahara deserves nothing in this world and we expect nothing from or to him. What to do?

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Of course carry out the execution of this murderous deviant. He had no scruples with ordering the sarin gas attack, so Japan's judiciary should have no compunction in executing him, anyone else involved, and any future members inclined to murder others.

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Even if the AUM members on death row are executed it will take decades and the leader will be kept for the final one unless he dies before hand. Shoko Asahara is reported to be near blind and deaf.

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It's been dragging on for over 20 years.

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After his lockdown his followers changed the groups name to Aleph-Hebrew alphabet; In Kabbalistic literature, the upper Yod


Hmm what?

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Having been condemned 20 years ago why is this murderer still alive? If you have a death penalty, use it. Otherwise get rid of it (the preferred option for a civilised country).

Why have the spin off sects not been closed down if they are espousing the same dangerous dogma? If they are oppressing peoples human rights then again why have they not been closed down.

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""If someone says 'guru Asahara wants to bring down Japan', there would be followers who would act. "

not to mention the myriad of demons and ghost, and entities throughout j-land. The other night I was attacked by evil ghost in my sleep. I could not fight it back because I could not move my arms with my full strength, and where it made contact , my arms felt tired.

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Aleph officially renounced ties to Asahara in 2000, but the doomsday guru retains significant influence, according to Japan's Public Security Intelligence Agency.

Ok, cool, but, but, ...the very next paragraph you say THIS????

It (Aleph) is a group that firmly instructs its followers to see Asahara as the supreme being," an agency investigator told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Why the anonymity? What's the point with the secrecy? Right, there is literally nothing you can do to shut them down as they themselves have broken no laws. Hell you can't shut down Yakuza organizations, I highly doubt you can shut down this little cult either.

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englisc aspyrgend

Having been condemned 20 years ago why is this murderer still alive?

Japan justice system usually waits until all of the accomplices have had their time in court and or sentences finalized. There were several members who were fugitives and finally caught a couple years ago. That's why the long wait.

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Japan tends not to execute people until all related trials have been finished and it’s certain their testimony will no longer be needed. Some fugitives in these cases were only arrested and tried relatively recently. That is a major reason none of the AUM members have been executed.

The association of family members of AUM members headed by Mr Nagaoka (who was himself attacked with nerve gas by AUM), struggled for years to get their children out of the cult, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. That group petitions for clemency for all except Asahara on the basis that they had been brainwashed by him and otherwise would never have committed such offenses.

They also believe there is more worth to society to keep them alive in order to learn how and why such educated people were brought into the cult and ended up carrying out such heinous crimes, in hopes of preventing similar in future.

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Hooktrunk2/Educator60 thanks for the information.

Hook why would anyone down vote you for providing information?

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englisc aspyrgend: LOL. I was wondering that myself. I'd like to think they just don't agree with the Japanese policy instead of my comment per se.

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