Japan enacts law to enable simpler court steps to find cyberbullies


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Japan enacts law to enable simpler court steps to find cyberbullies

...and what do they want to with one once they find them? Fine them 9000 yen for some unspecified infraction?

This is so silly. How about educating people on the nature of social media so they get a thicker skin?

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There are easy ways around this. Using a VPN, along with TOR will hide your location from your ISP, and hide all your data. 99.99% of VPN services do not even keep logs. There would be no way to find out who these people are.

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It's a step in the right direction, it'll make people think twice. Name and shame

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I always imagine these creeps the so called keyboard hero's are sitting in there little rooms, unemployed, living off their parents of partners, drinking soda all day, living a miserable life and have nothing to do but comment. chat, and put down others regardless.

Well Hide No More creeps.

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Wow the government will be come richer by fining themselves!

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As Private Internet Access said above, it's futile. Politicians are really behind the curve when it comes to technology. Even if they could police such nonsense laws, what constitutes harrassment, and what the consequences if one does get caught?

To the Japanese government: focus on the vaccine rollout and testing, for crying our loud.


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