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Japan enacts law to restrict sex offenders from child-related work


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took them long enough. Now, only if they can compile a list of those offenders and give them to other institutions that are frequented by them

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And about time , too!

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This is a no-brainer.

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Like everything in Japan, it just decades late.

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Next step make it mandatory for juku and gakudo too

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Cram schools and afterschool clubs can voluntarily sign up for the program

Serious flaw in the new law. These businesses - and there are thousands across Japan - should not be permitted to operate without having all employees comply to this law.

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If the agency confirms the jobseeker was given either a prison term for a sexual offense in the last 20 years or a fine in the past 10 years.

It is better than nothing but misses the majority of cases that in Japan do not go to court as they are settled between the offender and victim. Yes, even for very serious cases.

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I don’t get the 20 year limit.

Why would there be a limit at all?

Whether they did it 3 days ago or 33 years ago, they still did it.

5 ( +8 / -3 )

Well done...

-7 ( +1 / -8 )

is this an article from the mid 90s?

Seriously what took them this long...

2 ( +12 / -10 )

Total injustice; yet another draconian measure taken by this government, bordering on fascism.

What's next, preventing people with 3+ drunk driving convictions from getting a commercial pilot's license?

-6 ( +3 / -9 )

They also need to take a more careful look at teachers in the Japanese public schools. My junior high school daughter's teacher went on to marry her classmate immediately after the girl's high school graduation, which means the teachers had had a dating relationship with the girl since the time she was a junior high school student.

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Next step make it mandatory for juku and gakudo too

In a way, the law might be even more effective by making it optional for juku and other such places. The government will give a seal that can be displayed by any company that submits. Are parents going to send their kids anywhere that lacks the seal? Most companies will get the checks voluntarily. Those that don’t will have essentially outed themselves.

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Crikey!!......the Japanese government has finally woken up to sexual offences happening in the work places and schools, to be honest this shoud have been a no brainer decades ago. But what is saddening is that employers did not have anything like this in operation before it became law, what is wrong with these people. I have a feeling it is because of the Japanese patriarchal society, and where men are always deemed to be right. And yes, I do realise that SA happens against young boys and young men, but the overwhelming majority of SA is against women. And on top of that, the pathetic sentences given to these offenders is underwhelming. And of course this is a world wide issue, so not just Japan.

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This is a good start.

If the agency confirms the jobseeker was given either a prison term for a sexual offense in the last 20 years or a fine in the past 10 years, the individual will be notified and given the option to decline the job offer.

This seems a little strange. Just notify the employer directly.

How about adding violent crime to this?

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This is the Japanese culture at play it takes longer for them to make change and sometimes it is good that change doesn't come fast, however, in this instance clearly not and children's lives were and still put at risk. Because I don't believe that schools and others will do the background check on present employees.

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They finally figured this out ?

What a screwed up country

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Unfortunately, many sex offenders do not have convictions due to settling out of court with bags of cash to the victim.

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Under the new law, employers will also be required to take action if it is deemed that an existing employee, despite having no sexual criminal record, could commit a sexual offense based on complaints by parents or children

Nobody gonna mention people who don't like the person making baseless complaints? That person could get fired or taken away from a job he enjoys on just a complaint from one parent who didn't like the teacher giving her son a low score.

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Good idea, but needs more protections against such.

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I guess that put all of the Japanese men on notice, if you have a record you will be exposed when you seek employment elsewhere. I wonder if employers know this will the managers use this against the employee . Anyways this put a lot of Japanese males on notice. If you were caught molesting someone on the train this too counts. Its going to be a lot sweaty palms walking around Japan because of this law and a lot of men are now put on notice!

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expected to be implemented around fiscal 2026

Yeah, another 2 years of free molesting for the creeps...won't work anyway criminals in Japan get 100 free warnings first and when that doesn't work the ol pay the victim will get them off.

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