Japan gov't, Mitsubishi Heavy websites hit by cyberattacks


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Better get with the times, Japan. Better security is needed. I was hit by the Sony Playstation hackers and I still don't feel satisfied with the "package" setup for the victims.

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Ah, China with all its backroom antics, the water world and the cyberworld. Is there anything left?

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Better said if instead of the water world its the real world. Sorry for wrong choice of word.

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chinese again, they even attacked our website a while ago and we think it was because we have Japanese in the name of it.

Stop acting like a deliquent teenager china and become a decent citizen.

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Surprise surprise. If you want to secretly make nuclear bombs, then everyone will want to know your secrets....

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Japan is too lax in Information security management.

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Not only Japan, all around the world there have been similar cases. What I dont understand is, WHY on earth do they attach a computer with highly sensitive information directly to the inet? They should keep that one of the grid sigh

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The majority of people trying to get into my computer are from China but also Russia and America?

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That BS on Mitsubishi's front, if they can be infected by a virus so easily then their data is as good as stolen.

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China being their little self again. They are so old fashioned it is becoming a giggle.

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China calling for attacks on Japanese websites ahead of Sunday, the 80th anniversary of the "Mukden incident" which led to the Japanese invasion of China.

So, they don't forget? Or might not want to forget for a good excuse.

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The Chinese government considers the" Mukden incident" of 1931 as the start of the Second Sino-Japanese War. The Japanese government considers the "Marco Polo Bridge Incident" of 1937 as the start of the Second Sino-Japanese War.

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Ahhhh, here we have China again, doing something it shouldn't be doing. And of course, denying it once again. All of these problems and China never admits to any of them. It must be our imagination. Yeah, right!!! I really wish we could hear China's name on a good note, just once.

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Seriously, can't they just pull the plugs and disconnect China from the 'net for a week or so as a warning?

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I like what someone else said earlier. Just disconnect from the internet. Do like close captioned TV. THey know that the Chinese are very ambitiously attacking all websites of importance so make it a closed system and then nobody can access the information. It is really not that hard. A little thinking is required but can easily be done.

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zichiSep. 20, 2011 - 01:55PM JST. The majority of people trying to get into my computer are from China but also Russia and America?

And we had recently a major security break from Israel. I guess, we either make internet free and increase self-security or we control the internet.

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Hackers are all over the world and our police are just trying to catch up, playing catch up with all of these villains!

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China China China. This has got their grubby little fingerprints all over it. The world needs to wake up and stop feeding the monster, or put a tighter leash on it by investing and sourcing elsewhere. China likes to incite public opinion and then turn a blind eye when it suits them.

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**It appears more and more obvious that China must be contained - starting immediately. And without announcement nor fanfare - and solidly, by all the world's major powers. China is today's largest and most offensive rogue nation, being paid respect it has generated only by deceit, financial posturing, protectionism, brazen tech theft and both obvious and clandestine adversarial trade practices. It seems clear that the entire world needs to wake up and take action, together. Starting with more minute and continual monitoring of events such as this with Mitsubishi. **

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So America has spy satellites and listening stations all over the world. Even Japan has a few but I doubt they can understand English very well. But all it takes is one xenophobe to utter the word China, and all the little lemmings eyes light up...

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That can do it only China. They have human resources for analysis and create products. Japan make present to China. I sure that in Mitsubishi now working spy. May be USA was help to China for cracking firewalls. China can create military weapons by used Japanese technology. Russia have long border with China. I worried about it.

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