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Japan holds first cyberattack drill to bolster national security

By Tim Kelly and Nobuhiro Kubo

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You will need someone to care about this one to be shure Did you not fear theNSA so far?

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Based of Yamamoto's comments, it clear this meeting was done out of sheer necessity rather than a true desire to bring in the best minds from around the globe to help Japan into the 21st century as far as cyber-security goes. Yet, his hints as to the group's future recommendations read like the same old, tried and true (or is that tired and true?) Japan. "Encourage" youth to take up computer science, and developing domestic software so we don't have to import it and hurt Japan Inc., etc.

As for the first suggestion, at my school I'm the only teacher who ever has his students use the computer lab, so I don't know how this will ever be achievable in the short term to be of any use for what clearly is a pressing issue.

This sounds just like the "recommendations" to get J-woman to give birth to more kids to repopulate the country. And we all know how well that turned out.

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Did the hackers try the standard Japanese passwords, like "password", "admin" and "12345"? Alternatively did they check the notice board for a piece of paper listing the passwords and logins? Seriously, I saw this at my local police station, a neatly typed list of user names and passwords. I asked about it and the explanation I got was that, "Sometimes people are out of the office, but people need to use files on their computer". In Japan the problem isn't security, you could add all the security programs and protocols that you could think of and they'll still do dumb stuff like putting the passwords on the wall.

I also note with interest that they say they held a drill... nothing about the results, although I sincerely doubt that the hackers could get anywhere... I certainly can't get onto my workplace's network, not because it is secure, but rather because it is so badly maintained that no-one can get onto it and people walk around with USB drives and pass information around that way.

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LOL - the country where the fax still rules ;-) The dinosaurs in charge .... hahaha after the recommendations, each one of the oyajis will strech and interpret the recommendations to their advantage and little will change.

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That's what is impressive. They held off a cyber attack with windows '98 and FAX technology.

It may actually be a reverse tech strategy....if things fall apart Japan has the FAX.

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lol! How about upgrading the computers at my city hall from Windows98?!

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The Internet is breeding a new kind of soldier whose combat victories will be won with fire walls and keyboards rather than rifles and grenades. You've got to know your enemy... and use his tactics as you would use your own.

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LOLOLOLOL. Japan just doesn't 'get' modern software, does it?

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Let me guess, this "drill" included a demonstration for the media featuring someone in a sunglasses-wearing, computer costume being chased down and surrounded by the Tokyo Police cyber squad wielding "fushisha" sasumata poles.

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Hope they don't get the poor girl at Tokyo zoo - the who had to dress up as an escaped animal - to dress up as a Trojan or Virus and chase IT staff around the office.

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Results or are they secret?

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