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LDP faction suspected of misusing funds for polls for years


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So, when will we see these law breaking politicians down the koban and before a judge being sentenced?

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The largest faction of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party is suspected of having misappropriated revenue from fundraising parties to support upper house election campaigns for years, a source familiar with the matter said Saturday.

Years meaning decades. With the tax screws applied to workers even more strictly.

Slush funds at the faction are believed to have reached 500 million yen ($3.5 million) over the five years to 2022, and any crimes of failure to declare items or make false statements in political funds reports during this period are still punishable, as the statute of limitations has not expired.

The wheels of justice move with lenient glacial slowness for the LDP/Japan Inc. combine malfeasance.

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Is it just me or does this article seem to throw some cover to former law breaker Abe, saying that they were going to stop the kickback system and then he was assassinated. I think they had no intention of stopping it unless they had got caught or were worried some reporters were getting wise to what they were doing.

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Secret slush funds the upper LDP leadership knew all about for years. No wonder Kishida and LDP's ratings are so low. But I wouldn't be confident that anyone will face any real justice or the LDP lose the next election because most Japanese have, dare I say it, been brainwashed into believing the LDP is the only comptetent and safe option, and go along with it. No surprise and business as usual for Japan.

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How about firing all current politicians.

have elections to vote in a new young crop of politicians. Set an age limit for all candidates of up to 70 years (or younger)

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I am shocked -- how could this happen in a country where the politicians are so diligent and honest?

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It is the ultimate purposes these slush funds, how they were deployed that must be the crucial focus to/of this investigation.

Bribery to obtain influence over political opponents, dark campaign finance, illicit information gathering, buying sensitive or favourable journalism. Carrying out a hidden financial strategy to distort outcomes of interest groups that contribute to the believed integrity and transparency of democratic processes, in essence to buy curry favour of public officialdom?

What is clearly absent is any financial transparency, accountability or oversight.

Lax laws, any recourse to a regulatory process were never backed by a rigorous enforcement regime.

No independent watchdog/ombudsman  

Where is a fully open public inquiry?

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This is what happens when one party is in power since 1955 and the other is complacent in their role as "the opposition party".

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You could fire the lot and, honestly, it wouldn't make any difference. They don't do anything anyway.

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obladiToday  10:15 am JST

This is what happens when one party is in power since 1955 and the other is complacent in their role as "the opposition party".

You are totally overlooking the extremely significant advantages the LDP has over the opposition in terms of funding and over-representation in areas where it has very strong grassroots support. Furthermore it's a fallacy to say there is just one opposition party.

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What happens when you have one party democracy

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StefanToday  01:10 pm JST

What happens when you have one party democracy

Yes, that's basically what it is. People don't seem to get that.

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AureliusToday  01:24 pm JST

Don't try to blame it all on Abe as that's just pathetic.

Is it? This was probably going on before he came on the scene but he was at the top of the LDP, and that faction, for decades. I don't believe that he wasn't heavily involved, or that there was nothing he could do about it.

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According to a January 2023 poll by the Asahi Shimbun, Kishida's approval rating was 17%

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There is so much of that goes on in this country and not only with politicians in big business, too. Don't ask, don't tell policy is what goes on in this country. Truly, this is not shocking for many.

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