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Man indicted for murder over Kyoto Animation arson attack


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Suggest an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. Put him in a small building and set it afire with kerosene (gasoline is too quick). Let one of the parents light it.

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He "killed 36 people" , that's a high number.

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Execute the worthless garbage. He has no right to hundreds of millions of taxpayer yen to keep him alive the rest of his pointless life.

RIP to the dozens of innocent victims.

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Now that he is doing so well he should enjoy the room vacated by Asahara Shoko and the same treatment of course for a while anyways.

But for the final judgement he deserves to be handed over to the victims families to do as they see fit!

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Hopefully a date with the gallows will be his fate....

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Make it short and maybe it would give a little relief if three of the victim’s families are allowed by exception to push the three random buttons.

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A 2008 arson attack on a video shop in Osaka killed 16 people, and the attacker is now on death row.

Let's see. 36 people vs. 16 people, and on death row. I guess we know what the results will be with a high probability.

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Execute the worthless garbage.

Safe bet that will happen in this particular case. Afaic, they should not have wasted money on the expenive medical treatment to make him healthy for the trial. But yes I know, the law is the law.

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If found guilty, that POS must be disposed of on the very day that the appeal process had expired. Otherwise it will be a waste of taxpayers money to keep him alive for even a day more

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That isn't the right way to deal with this even though a lot of people (The parents and relatives) would like to see the man in pain but doing that would only make him learn his lesson is the WRONG way

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