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Tokyo, Osaka subway websites hit, apparently by pro-Russia hacker group


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It is easy to perform a DDoS.

That's just some kids playing with Linux.

Do you even know what Linux is? There is nothing special about Linux that facilitates DDoS attacks. It's just an operating system like Mac OS or DOS but is open source and user supported rather than something you have to purchase from a monopolistic vendor.

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Killnet is a cybercrime group known to be sympathetic to Russia. It emerged earlier in the year as a DDoS-as-a-service tool, allowing customers to rent botnet access for $1,350 a month, according to researchers at cybersecurity vendor Recorded Future.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, the group has thrown its weight behind hacktivist activities in support of Vladimir Putin’s government, launching DDoS attacks on countries supporting Ukraine, going as far as to “declare war” on ten countries, including the UK, which were sanctioning Russia.


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Until today, I didn't even know the Metro systems had websites.

And a closer look reveals they also still have FAX machines.

In all seriousness though, I'm concerned at how prepared Japan actually is regarding cybersecurity given the previous minister had NO experience operating a computer.

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Does anyone visit Tokyo Metro Co and Osaka Metro Co's websites?

It's probably pretty useful to people seeking info regarding timetables, routes, and fares.

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Use Cloudfare and send ninjas to bump off Putin.

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There are very smart people on all sides

The cyberattackers have smart people, but so are the people who track them

If ya think people can't track cyberattackers, ya haven't met smart hackers, lol

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Russia is the good and the others the bad, let them move to Russia

yeh, there’s quite a few here who are all talk, but enjoy the freedom & lifestyle the west has to offer.

their comments could be taken more seriously if they walked the walk, to Russia

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Does anyone visit Tokyo Metro Co and Osaka Metro Co's websites?

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It is easy to perform a DDoS.

That's just some kids playing with Linux.

Let's hope no real hacker attacks Japan.

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no data leaks had been confirmed at the time

Just because they haven't confirmed something doesn't mean anything here. Rather, what it means here is that either they don't know about it and so there is nothing to confirm, or they prefer not to confirm anything so as not to lose face. As is traditional here.

I fully expect some 70+ year old in charge of one of the affected companies saying that this could not have happened without computers or something very similar. And step back. A fax machine, or a piece of paper or whatever.

kicking the samurai

In any case, Russia is a nation hostile to most countries. It may claim that most countries are hostile to Russia, but every time Russia has said something, it has been a lie. It has always been only about the feeling of Russian superiority to everyone and claiming that everything Russian is Slavic so that one can then say that everything Slavic is Russian.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to stop issuing or extending visas to Russian citizens altogether, as most countries, at least in the EU, are now doing. Limit it to necessary humanitarian cases and vet those well. The time of turning a blind eye to Russia's actions is long gone. We need to start behaving accordingly.

The Russians claim that the sanctions are not hurting them, on the contrary, they are strengthening Russia, and the only people they are hurting are those countries that are participating in the sanctions. OK, in that case it will only strengthen them and we do not need to care.

I have no problem with those who adore Russia. But it is mostly adored by those who live in that "decadent West" or those who have never been to Russia. If Russia is the good and the others the bad, let them move to Russia. I'll happily chip in for a plane ticket.

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so not actual Russians? Just Japanese jack holes, claiming they are pro-Russians?

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So it could have been absolutely anybody, especially somebody who wants to stir up tension between Japan and Russia.

Familiarize yourself with the work of organizations like Fireeye. They are a cyber security company and they know all the different threat vectors. They have a habit of being able to identify hacker organizations to the point of being able to identify individuals by name. These hackers are anything but anonymous. They all leave fingerprints that are traceable.

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Sounds like Suga's Digital Agency better start working overtime instead of just concentrating on My Number.

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no data leaks had been confirmed at the time.

Damage is not only data leaks, disruption can consider as damage.

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