Gov't considers amnesty in honor of emperor's enthronement


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Amnesties of this kind for cronies and favorites have more in common with feudalism than democracy.

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In past cases, many were restored their civil rights that have been suspended due to election violations.

Some critics also say the restoration of rights can be seen as equivalent to granting amnesty to political offenders, given that those who violated the election law are often rewarded in that case.

Not dodgy at all.

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This is such an ancient tradition. It goes back to when laws were interpreted, not written and one could be incarcerated for things as simple as failing to bow for a monarch. It was done to show compassion from the monarchs of the tine. Letting criminaks out of prison in the 21st century is a slap in the face for the legal system. Why don’t they do something more helpful for the people who are not in jail? Something like increase the quality of orphanages, wave the ridiculous fees for adoption, create more shelters for the homeless and better support for victims of crime. Letting convicted criminals back into society does not help anybody - except the criminals.

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more than 10 million people were given amnesty.

There weren't so many criminals.

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Hold on a sec. It says not all whille be pardoned. And only petty criminals. And that could 2.5 million. You are telling me over 2% of Japan are convicted petty criminals?!

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Wow! That many criminals in japan.

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Still time to confess before it's too late. Especially if your trial has just been postponed well beyond October. They can't pardon you until you've been convicted of something.

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As usual article is scanty leaving the reader asking more questions 10million criminals out of a population of 126million people seems incorrect to me.

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You are all missing the point. Room and board and supervision for millions of criminals adds up to many billions of Yen that they're saving.

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The government is considering granting amnesty to criminals

Does this mean Ghosn will be free to go home to his wife?

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Room and board and supervision for millions of criminals adds up to many billions of Yen that they're saving.

but there're only 50 thousand criminals detained in Japan.

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After Emperor Hirohito, posthumously known as Emperor Showa, died in 1989, more than 10 million people were given amnesty. The enthronement of former Emperor Akihito in 1990 led to pardons of some 2.5 million.

12.5 million Japanese petty criminals?

This must be like converting yen to dollars or something.

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Some more information on the 1989 amnesty

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Let non-violent petty criminals go, particularly ones related immigrations.

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Nothing like a general amnesty to ‘improve’ the stats in safety country.

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Rather than an amnesty, the governmrmt should really consider a complete review of Japans legal system.

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