Japan NPO director convicted in overseas organ transplant case


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“overseas organ transplants for Japan residents”

Were the recipients foreign nationals living in Japan? If so print their nationalities.

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This kind of crime occurs because Organ Transplants are another one of those out-of-date backwards laws in Japan.

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Organ transplant overseas just aint gunna cut it, excuse the pun. So was this japanese middleman gentleman involved in the much rumoured and well known dark trade of our times, the human organ transplant industry. Did he get to choose a healthy one?

Welcome to the new economy folks. Our virtuous NPOs doing the business. Lets hope its not as gruesome and heinous as it sounds ay? Most likely the first japanese national found dipping his fingers into the pot, the one where everything is for sale. Non profit of course.

Great opticals on this one. You couldn't script this stuff.

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why were the details left out? Taken out perhaps? When, who and where please dear journalists.

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There’s a lot of money in non-profits.

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I suppose the recipients owe their lives to Kikuchi, who will now be jailed for his actions.

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