Japan on alert after Aum executions

By Thomas Wilson

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Buntaro is correct.

This could end badly.

Lets hope not.

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The police have no permission to enter any of the buildings used by those groups. Ban them outright.

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I'd be surprised if the groups did anything, but not if any radical individuals did. The groups are under more scrutiny and in more 'danger' than ever. Any move by a group to do something would see them banned for sure. Radicals in the groups, as well, likely know their actions would result in much the same, whether the acts were planned and/or sanctioned by the group or not, so even then I have my doubts anything will happen.

At least not yet. What it COULD do is serve to martyr the man and give more strength to the cause. That, and general malaise about the state of the nation could prompt a fresh wave of recruitment. In the long run we could see more terrorist acts, but I doubt in the short term.

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Indeed, execute a cult leader, and you turn him into a martyr.

Let's hope nothing happens.

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I did notice extra police and guards around the stations on Friday and Saturday. Thought it must be to do with this.

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Yashio is buzzing with police

They're all around the Aum complex for the past few days - noisy right-wingers are out in force too

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This post-execution paranoia has all the hallmarks of a false flag operation to spook the public. The pathetic remnants of Aum pose no threat to public safety.

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