Panel says 35 people should be charged over vote-buying in 2019


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Only 35? Another face saving number.

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The Kawaiis (and the LDP) are fearful such continued inquests may reveal deeper pockets. Concerns about recent probes may also have been why Anri had a recent ‘health scare’ requiring some ‘medical intervention? Wishing her a speedy recovery and continued good behavior while on ‘probation’.

“…the former justice minister in Jun last year immediately appealed but later retracted, saying "The responsibility is solely on me, and I am ready to accept it all. I ask for leniency on the people who have accepted cash."

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I'm sure that number is higher. Busted!

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Just like the politician Suzuki from Hokkaido 20 years ago, Kawai will be voted back into office by the knuckleheaded public.

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A Japanese inquest panel comprised of citizens said Friday that 35 people should be indicted over vote-buying by former Justice Minister Katsuyuki Kawai for his wife in the 2019 upper house election.

With the conclusion, Tokyo prosecutors will reinvestigate the case after it decided in July not to indict 100 individuals, mostly local politicians, suspected of receiving cash from Kawai, who was in the post under then Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The panel for the inquest of prosecution said it has deemed that 35 of the 100 should be indicted as many of them were in public office and have received 100,000 yen ($870) or more.

In other words, a Japanese inquest panel comprised of citizens told Tokyo prosecutors to do their job...The cosy ties between Abe and prosecutor Kurokawa come to mind...

Japan continues its slide into a banana republic.

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One question still be asked, who initially provided the cash that was given to 35 people? Was it from the LDP, and was it originally public money?

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When one party stays in power so long there must be rot.

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This won't be the last scandal.

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Prosecutors won't do their work.

They don't work for the people, we should fire them all.

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Tip of the iceberg stuff..

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In other words, 35 scapegoats that couldn’t make hush hush payments in time.

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