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Japanese police report record high 123,000 child abuse cases in 2023


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But! Are the incidents increasing or just the reporting?

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A report doesnt mean taking measure against the parent especially when its the mother. Know several cases were authorities just do not apply justice décisions...

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Cops having to do their jobs instead of sitting on their backsides in a koban? Shock, horror

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But! Are the incidents increasing or just the reporting?

If incidents aren't reported, we can't tell if they are increasing or not, so it is impossible to answer your question.

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Crazy, fewer kids and more police reports, society becoming unhinged. +50% destruction of Yen vs. dollar in just 3 short Biden years will do that.

World in chaos, inflation in most countries due to strong$ and domestic currency destruction, far worse than Yen. Let's not forget commodity inflation, priced in US$ is HIGH!

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Reporting and reality are sadly two very different things here. I know, from personal experience, that police have a tendency to see things differently when it comes to what defines "abuse".

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70.5 percent of victims being women and 29.5 percent men

So the third of the victims are men. And still, all DV pamphlets show shouting angry men, most of the protective shelters to flee an abuser only take women, and still the court will almost automatically grant custody to women in a divorce even though it's clear women are abusers themselves (in large numbers!!!)

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I think it is not that the cases are increased compared to before,it is that finally more people and victims are brave enough to report such horrendous crimes.

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LindsayMar. 29  07:24 am JST

But! Are the incidents increasing or just the reporting?

Probably a bit of both, as it's a world phenomenon of rising aggression as the aftereffects of COVID.

It will return to the mean soon and the continual decline in human violence will continue.

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The deleterious economic situation is forcing those that can into two or three jobs whilst those that can’t get more and more frustrated.

This stress manifests in many ways but child abuse is one of them.

I am not in agreement but it is wonder that some Japanese people have given up on child rearing.

At least foreigners can’t be blamed for this large increase in criminality…

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There is abuse and then there is Child Abuse. Not condoning either of them but Child Abuse is one I don't understand. Adults can start a fight and tensions get high creating abuse but how can someone let the innocence of a child get in the way or morals. Just don't get it.

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"Those who were physically abused numbered 21,520, while 10,205 children experienced neglect or abandonment and 320 suffered sexual abuse."

I tried to warn some JN parent(s) who were letting their youngins wobble in the streeets, particularly of possible approaching speeding vehicles/scooters, and in both cases i was told to mind my own business in Japanese (sic).

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