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Japanese police seek to question Singapore diplomat over voyeurism


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According to the Straits Times, Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on May 2 that Singapore will cooperate with the Japanese authorities and is “prepared to waive diplomatic immunity to facilitate investigations if the alleged facts bear out”.

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The country that lectures the world on morality and behaviour does not need to send us one of their perverts. We've got enough already thank you.

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I wonder how they found out?

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I wonder how they found out?

Most likely the same way most peeping Toms are exposed. The victim or bystander caught them in the act.

Or maybe he tried to trade the photos on a pedophile website.

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Singapore doesn’t take too kindly to that sort of behaviour.

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He had legal access to naked dudes of all ages with a bathhouse. Why was he not able to restrain himself rather than commit an illegal act?

Maybe instead of restaurants barring foreigners, maybe they should do that for bathhouses (as well as people caught photographing inside).

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Bad for business too—I wouldn't take my kids there.

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Bad for business too—I wouldn't take my kids there.

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At least one person is OK with it and will bring their family

-9 ( +1 / -10 )

CANE PEDOPHILES! In Singapore “involving a child in producing child abuse material, imprisonment up to 10 years, accompanied by a fine or caning.” If the suspect gets off scot-free due to his diplomatic immunity the victim will suffer more from the injustice.

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Bad for business too—I wouldn't take my kids there.

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OK, so 10 people are ok with taking their family where this guy is. That's scary, guys. Anyone want to explain why you're okay with him vouyeuring?

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