Police to launch team against state-sponsored cyberattacks


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This will likely be led by an old guy who has never used a computer

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Another matter of safety and National Security … that will still take another 2 years to even get started.

Is Yoshitaka Sakurada still the Deputy Chief Minister of Cybersecurity?

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the team, comprised of some 200 investigators recruited from police departments nationwide,

the scope of the investigation by the new team is "limited" and it will focus on looking into the background of a case,

"We are hardly assuming a situation where the team alone arrests a suspect," said the official.

And I am "hardly assuming" that this team will have any effect at all.

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As usual, a day late and a dollar short.

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The Japanese Government has had this set up over 20 years ago. I know because of my work at the Ministry.

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A team that will sit around the couple of Windows Xp computers at the office, trying to find Microsoft's fax number to request an update.

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And then in 2023 when the thing actually begins to work it will surface the director of the newly minted team (directly appointed by the government) don't even understand computers at all.

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Good luck !

I have a computer running with Windows 98, if they need it

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Yes @virusrex 8:21am, Yoshitaka Sakurada resigned in 2018 as Abe’s TOP appointee for the position after he was confused about by a question of USB ports on computers at Japan’s nuclear facilities. He later resigned as Japan’s chief of the Olympics in 2019.

However, we have to consider his “non-policies” are still well in-effect within both organizations.

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Imagine there are significantly more “weaknesses” in Japan’s many systems than just those the article highlights:

- “In April, a Chinese engineer who is a member of the Chinese Communist Party was referred to prosecutors by Tokyo police over his alleged involvement in cyberattacks on about 200 companies and research institutes, including the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, in 2016 and 2017. The series of hacks are believed to have been conducted by "Tick," a Chinese cyberespionage group, under the direction of China's People's Liberation Army, according to investigative sources.” -

Btw - ”20 years ago” ? - Wouldn’t you have also signed a “non-disclosure” stipulation regarding the work you did for ‘the Ministry’ ? - (If not, the Perhaps a little more discretion in some postings is advisable?)

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The new bureau will be responsible for information analysis and coordination with private companies, as well as promoting digital policy and the use of artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies.

Hey Siri!

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