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Yami baito
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Japanese police to stamp out online criminal activity with help of AI


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is entrusted to conduct the online surveillance work by the agency.

Not affiliated but entrusted?

The targets of such requests were previously limited to those linked to ....  but the seven newly added categories are associated with crimes that could result in a death.

It will be added even more in the future, for certain.

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Starting Friday, the National Police Agency will use AI to look for posts promising large payments for yami baito, an expression implying shadowy illegal work,

A conundrum of their own making as usual for the Japanese bureaucracy and the constabulary.

They can be counted on to produce some banners, posters and campaigns though.

Start by actually prosecuting the many more shadowy "black" companies that are allowed to run rampant with wage theft; not to speak of their poverty, non-living wages.


From experience, I know that even when presented with itemized invoices and receipts when regards to wage theft the police will just tell you "Get a lawyer".

Which is a little difficult to do when you have just been defrauded of months of salary and are actively seeking a new position.

Of those, 77 had been deleted by the end of July, with most linked to attempts to recruit people to commit murder and robbery, the agency said.

As usual the much more prevalent white collar corporate crime is swept under the rug.

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In February, the agency expanded the scope of posts it can request surveillance and deletion following the fatal shooting of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in July 2022.

Abe's alleged killer used information found online to build a homemade gun, leading authorities to attempt to remove such content, as well as addressing the rise of crimes carried out by people recruited online.

A more pertinent question is whether the police and LDP can be entrusted to censor and delete just information such as how to print and lathe gun parts, and not censor the information that caused Yamigami to hone his animus against Abe.

Which was the deep collusion between the Unification Church /cult and the highest levels of the Liberal Democratic one party rulers.

I would not trust them to make the distinction.

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but also identify posts suspected to contain harmful information based on context, the agency said.

What's what AI can do. Any old PC can search for keywords.

The examination of language beyond the word and sentence to understand how it functions in context is the time-consuming and tricky part.

AI can quickly throw up any suspect discourse for the scrutiny of trained humans.

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Unfortunately, to use Artificial Intelligence you need some kind of natural intelligence.

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Hope this strategy works in preventions. Criminal will always look for work arounds.

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Like many other tools they are just using it as a buzz word, 90% of the time you see AI being used in this context it's not really AI, just an algorithm to quickly pick up on certain words, if this do this and so on, no real choice or intelligence. Easier for companies to get funding if you use the current buzz word. Like many other words before, NFT, Metaverse, Crypto.

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Like using AI to counter AI…

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A big concern could also be innocent people getting caught up in the dragnet just for using some words.

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If you can do this then at the same time should be cleaning up the entire online sex and ejjo kosai, papakatsu industry. But probably not.

And by announcing which sites you are going to be logging, you're just going to make the crims turn to Telegram/encrypted alternatives.

And I wonder if these people have ever of a classic game called Whac-a-Mole... Invented in Japan too.

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If you can do this then at the same time should be cleaning up the entire online sex and ejjo kosai, papakatsu industry. But probably not.

Would probably need to open up a couple of thousand more prisons

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Reminds me another news, some months ago:

J-education is using an AI to decide what to do with abused children.

The AI decided to give back the child's custody to the parents. And the parents abused to death the child.

J-education didn't take responsibility, it's the AI's fault.

From now on the J-police won't take responsibility for any error made. It will be the AI to blame.

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Big government is the left-wing way, so enjoy Big Brother coming a step closer.

should be cleaning up the entire online sex and ejjo kosai, papakatsu industry.

Why are these familiar to you? I had to google them.

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Amazing how so many are in favor of their own chains.

Everything online is just information....text...pictures....video.

A very little bit of this information needs laws against view...such as people's addresses and financial details.

And those last two points are VERY easy to combat without police.

1) Never upload pictures onto the net you do not want seen.

2) Do not allow companies and governments to secretly obtain pictures or information from current or future devices using their software. Its voluntary only.

3) Create spaces on all new and future devices for such files that cannot be accessed online but only on the device or wire connected devices. This would be unhackable via the net.

4) Ban all credit card use on the internet. Instead use the gift card system. You pay (cash) at a store. You upload a temporary number. Phishing now becomes near irrelevant.

5) Utilize the post office and private companies to handle anonymous deliveries of ordered goods payed for by gift cards or COD. You get a serial number, you give the serial number to the P.O., you get your delivery. You use no ID, never need to use your real name, and never need to use your address. But if you do, that's the dumb risk you took so throw a pity party....no police time for you.

Shut down online banking. Bits you cannot see or hold are totally unsecure, and doubly so when they spread around an international network.

As for the rest, its not the information, the pictures, video and text...its what you do with it and how it was orginally created that counts. Otherwise, its victimless thought crime.....your chains.

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The cops in this country are so utterly pathetic so anything that tells them there's a legitimate crime in play can't be all bad. But what's a bet the code will be programmed to racially profile just as they do now?

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Yes! That's a good plan! But why publicise it? To advise criminals so that they can now find ways and means to overcome AI and continue their criminal activity inspite of AI? And very likely with more success?

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AI to virtue signal competence in police work, with online surveillance to law abiding people, while crime networks shed their old skin...

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ChatGPT: How do I neutralized and thwart police using AI?

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It is a benevolent beginning, but wait until they use AI to detect "misinformation" or worse "malinformation". Look at the CCP (or the recent DSA in the EU) to see where this is heading.

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Such a weird thing. I know we all love flavor of the week stuff and yami baito is the name of the game for the news and police these days, but it’s like… they were so late to the party on this and now are diverting so much of their attention to it now.

why would any criminal do it at this point? Also it seems SUPER easy to get caught for a crime and say “it was yami baito “ to get a lighter sentence at this point

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Japanese police to stamp out online criminal activity with help of AI.....................Will they use it on themselves too?..........asking for a friend. It is not a stupid question, police forces the world over are known for their criminal activities, just look at the Met and the LAPD.........two of the very worst.

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