JPMorgan probe highlights culture of insider trading in Japan

By Hiroshi Hiyama

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Market intelligence or insider information - a very fine line diving the two...

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Japanese gentlemen's agreement above everything... Even Inazo Nitobe would gladly abandon this Japan filled with noodle men.

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With no real deterrent, is it any surprise that insider dealing is so widespread in Japan?

The whole of Japan is well over-due for a anti-corruption shake down. My advice would be to start with the government and local government agencies...

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So it was an American who leaked the info right?

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Absolutely no surprise that this happens commonly in Japan.

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"A sales executive for the U.S. bank—was the source of the leak, Dow Jones Newswires reported, ..." that sounds like the source was a US person, doesn't it.

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Insider trading, reality of the current system, its just as prominient in US / elsewhere. Not to say that its not a problem and that a $1750 fine is suitable. At least in the US, if you get caught red handed you are in trouble, in japan, under the rug you go!

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Another "Tale of Japanese Corruption" told by a westerner. I sense... a pattern.

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"A sales executive for the U.S. bank—was the source of the leak, Dow Jones Newswires reported, ..." that sounds like the source was a US person, doesn't it

Herve -- ahh, no it doesn't. The client. Asuka Asset Management, is a large Japanese investment firm. I highly doubt the manager on that account was a foreigner.

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So is the individual Japanese? Just trying to figure that out. There are Japanese working for US companies and vice-versa.

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Only the tip of the iceberg of Morgans dirty dealings across a lot of areas I suspect based on other things I have read.

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That's one of the big problem in Japan when it comes to penalities and punishments for crimes committed. The fine is too cheap hahahahaha.... of course those assh(%#s will not be scared of doing those crimes cuz fine is payable is cheap. Banzai Nippon...

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Does Waseda deserve to be called prestigious? It does not rank highly on lists of top universities in the world.

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Used Japanese wall. Shoulda used Chinese wall.

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Knew a guy I used to work who used to talk in "code" with his ex-wife who worked at an investment bank here in Tokyo and got inside information and would use this information to buy and sell stocks and would split the earnings with his ex. Now I can see why she did it, the fine is nothing and likelihood of getting caught is next to nothing.

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oops...I used to work with...sorry getting late =)

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