Prosecutors indict Kobe Steel for faking product quality data

By Yuri Kageyama

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____ has said a zealous pursuit of profits, unrealistic targets and an insular corporate culture were behind the scandal. 

Fill in the blank with just about any zaibatsu here and you would be right! In my opinion, the only reason the prosecutors are pursuing this case is because Kobe put the spotlight on the darker side of business in Japan.

Their dirty laundry got hung out for the world to see and they need someone to take the fall. Someone big enough, yet stable enough not to fail.

It's a message to everyone else, get your shite together.

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Deep bow, suspended sentence recommendation not to do it in the near future, back to normal. Cheeper to fake than actually produce a quality product.

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Oh man I love it when big companies get to redefine the dictionary and the media plays along.

Hows this..

”Excuse me police officer. A zealous pursuit of profits led me to no no, call that make a mistake. I will return to my NOBLE monozuki roots. I humbly call on your nationalism to help to understand. Oh yeah and please trust me now too to make the necessary changes.”

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It’s interesting that despite breaking the rules, there haven’t been any lives lost etc as a result.

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If found guilty in a court, the company could be fined. It is not clear how much.

What do you mean by "if"? They already admitted to falsifying the data!

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Wow, the company could be fined an undisclosed amount? What a joke, I'm sure the amount will be just a minimum sum they pay off to close the case quickly. There should be a law that any company that gets caught doing unethical things for profit has to be fined 10x the amount of what they made due to the illegal activity, then maybe they'll think twice.

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It’s interesting that despite breaking the rules, there haven’t been any lives lost etc as a result.

How do we know? The Kobe earthquake killed 5,000 people. The infrastructure using steel and ferro concrete, like the elevated highway, toppled over, even though it was supposedly designed to withstand quakes.

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We once again deeply apologize," it said, without elaborating on specific charges. "The entire Kobe Steel Group is working together sincerely." sincerely cover up its ass as much as possible.

Kobe Steel has promised each employee will return to "the roots of monozukuri" to win back trust.

What the heck does this ridiculous fuzzy statement even means?

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Like all Japanese companies it's a Borg mindset. The collective takes precedence. Deep bow. We had no idea we were breaking the law for decades. So sorry we will try to improve our faulty data sometime in the future, thankyou for your understanding.

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Executives of Japanese large Corporations may be able to avoid even arrest.

Large Corporations are protected in Japan.

Even if it is Rogue Companies.

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This ridiculous statment actually means serious business here in Japan Inc lol.

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How do we know, asks JeffLee.

There have been no reports of accidents or injuries related to the fake data. 

Which would seem strange yet interesting.

Of course the unquestioning lemmings may think otherwise, but it is interesting to me.

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Which would seem strange yet interesting.

Indeed. There have been no "reports," apparently, but have there been any official inquiries or investigations?

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Kobe Steel has promised each employee will return to "the roots of monozukuri" to win back trust.

Internationally, that may be quite difficult, now that the damage has been done.

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