Japan regulator probing Deutsche Bank entertainment of pension clients

By Nathan Lane

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Bankers and their expense accounts are a marriage made in heaven. although don't think that blowing huge amounts on wine, women and song are anything like the worst practices in the finance industry....

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This kind of offense is standard in (most) employment contracts not just public moneys. But I guess people that's the way it is at the top, a bit like end of WW2, loosing 0s was part of wining and dieing, now it's wineing and dinning, will this war on economic waste end also, or is it just part of business. I hope not, What incentive is there then to scrabble up the rainforest ladder to the glass corner office see how far we came.

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its normal for banks to wine and dine clients.

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Deutsche Bank SHOULD be Investigated thoroughly. They Gamble with other peoples money then their Political allies Load the Debt on to smaller Countries facing Financial difficulty especially in Europe. They are one of the Big Global Banks part of the problem.

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