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Japan says it is looking at all possible ways to free hostages


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Paying the ransom is not even realistic. And if anything it will be a waste of money, the two people may be killed even if Japan pays, Even if they are released, that will set ISIS to think that kidnapping Japanese is profitable and that will put in peril even more people.

finally that tax money will be used by ISIS for buying weaponry and killing... not a good way to use our taxes.

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This whole situation sickens me. However, Japan knew the risks by jumping into the whole Middle East situation. Why they even felt it necessary to help all those people over there blows my mind. Instead of giving some foreign country 200 million dollars in aid, why not continue to put money towards rebuilding the STILL ravaged northern areas of Japan that still have houses with boats sticking out of their roofs? Also, no offense to anyone who goes to the Middle East, but you have to be PRETTY stupid to even think it's safe to be anywhere near that region. My heart goes out to the families of these two Japanese hostages, but seriously dudes, COME ON! I can at least understand the second guys reason to go and try his friend, but what did he seriously think he was going to do? Walk up to an Isis member and ask for his friend back? Those who don the black flag of ISIS have only one thing on the mind: Murder. And they are showing more and more they don't care WHO they murder, as long as it gets them in front of everyone in the world while doing so. There's one solution to this entire mess in the Middle East: A UNIFIED army made up of all the major countries in the world to go into all the areas where ISIS lives and operates and destroy them all, THEN rebuild those areas and establish a community NOT run my Moslem extremists pretending to be peace loving Moslems but rather a group of world politicians and activists who will pour aid and money into those areas the RIGHT WAY. That's the only way this will get solved, short of nuclear bombing the entire Middle East off the map.

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Their is only one way that is to Bomb them into oblivion

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France has paid out a total of some $58 million to al Qaeda or related groups for the release of hostages. Not surprisingly, of the 53 hostages known to have been taken by al Qaeda and its affiliates during the past five years, a third were French .

France paid IS to free a hostage. How has that been working out? A man freed, then an attack on their soil. Every time a ransom is paid it increases the chance that other hostages will be taken to help fill the coffers of a terrorist group.


To pay or to attempt a rescue are two choices.

Some rescue efforts have worked, some have failed because the hostages were not where you think they are (American James Foley) or are killed in the act of rescue (British Linda Norgrove). A hostage has even escaped (American Matthew Schrier). The reality is IS has hostages from Italy, the Netherlands, their own country, and they execute without mercy as they did to 13 young men caught watching an Asian Cup football match.

The solution to all of this is for the world leaders to get in a room, agree on a plan that will be carried out together with force or IS will continue taking and executing innocent men, women, and children in a horrifying display.

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Sending two more civilians into the claws of ISIS? Come on!

Also, as Daniel Neagari said, giving in to their demands will just make them wanna kidnap more Japanese (or other nationalities) in the future.

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Seventy-two hours is too short a time, and I myself am prepared to go to negotiate

How can you say that and "well never give in to terrorism" at the same time.

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Democratic non arab countries should make it illegal to go to Africa and Arabian lands. Once all the civilians are out send in the troops

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If IS freed these two poor Japanese guy and then it will be miracle. I hope IS will change their principle of goal. There's no peace for an eye for an eye. Japan has nothing against Islam and IS should releases without ransom. If they took ransom and then they broke the law of Islam.

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$200 Milliom Abe mentioned was toward helping Syrian people whose life has been messed up with the war there, So it is not meant to give total in one day. maybe food? maybe clothes from Japan? people can have shoes instead of bare feet? And the money is not for Syrian Govt as Japan severed diplomatic ties with Syria quite a while ago. The report was that Japan began talking with religious leaders and influential people who could communicate with ISIS. I am sure these people love to have aids to their people than paid to ISIS criminals as ransom. Helping people using local powerful people are not paying ransom. Is this why Japan said that Japan will not pay ransom? They better not kill these two. As soon as hostages are killed, Some world countries will join and bpmb there/ Japan can't bomb but they can supply war weapons with discount to thank them. Or Japan Inc will donate weapons?

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bombing either won't stop further problems like these in the future. the source of the problem is not people.

all people are good, whether a muslim or not. no one can touch and change the source of the problem but believers themselves.

that is where the guiding principle of ISIS can be found and discussed or reformed to the most noble/holy standard.

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the problem is ISIS is representing the mass ignorant who is still longing for ISIS , nobody can count them , you can't enter peop;e's mind


the mission is impossible , if you go that means sacrificing educated people like america for a bunch of uneducated loser

and if you don't you lost the whole trade , but the question is , do japan really want to eliminate ISIS funders , Barzani betrayed his soldiers , the house of Saudi and iranis are smiling behind the scene while they send their soldiers for skirmish waiting for another bush which will not gonna happen

china and korea can cooperate with japan for this , if japan really want that

do japan really values human freedom that is the question

also europe , are they going to be fooled for a stupid sympathy to fulfill their stupid prophecy of West allying with arab in their delusion

if asia goes , must no mercy sure the west should catharsis of feeling , loss of trade is for sure if you want that

or abe want to sacrifice himself by retiring to maintain the ME and Africa mutual trade relationship Hmmm

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seriously anybody you gives money to these animals needs to be shot. better to spend that 200million on bombing them. only way respond to the murderous scum is with exponential force.

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Asian economy depends on oil so if they want more they should sacrifice ,

but the question is is it worth it for those countries to spill the blood for those objective ,

I mean prophecies happened in the past or was predicted due to emissary in that time

but now it can't apply , they can create it to wash the brain of masses since there is no education there

so is the fight worth it , or even the boycotting these area for eliminating ISIS funders worth it concerning Asia or what ??

they began a little boycotting in House of Saudi , but if the trade war happen asia will sure win because they are a creative society , but I doubt those countries have an interest in waging this war

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had one of Fox channels on and one national politician who is an expert on middle east commented that ISIS organization Head people have plenty of income every day because they have illegal crude oil sales businesses that are very profittable. Another one mentioned that ISIS who are blackmailin Japan (two people) might not belong to True ISIS.

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...yeah right, said by an IS member itself.apparently, this could be a propaganda too. remember, weeks ago that another Japanese who used to serve in JG SDF who apparently was a follower of K.Nakata was conversing with his fellow IS about Haruna, so they can talk . this is probably the result of their conversation... it was in twitter and the website that identifies foreign ISIS fighters

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Arman Fatahi: Muslims will kill anyone that doesn't believe exactly what they believe in, and then it gets back down to the tribal level 1000's of years old. So, being a convert is no solution for anyone. The World, and Japan, needs to realize that all non Muslims, and even Muslims themselves, are dealing with people whose ideology is based upon very strict religious tenants that do not translate into the Modern World. For any religion and or political ideology, it has to evolve in order to grow. While base features remain in stone..... other aspects need to grow and adapt with the changing times of mankind, lessons from history and technology. This 'radical Islam' that seems to be sweeping all of Islam, be they Sunni or Shite, is never going to peacefully coexist with any other peoples in this World. That is a truth that everyone needs to admit in order for all of mankind to move forward without killing each other off. Those two poor souls are probably already dead, the murderer's just use the videos now for propaganda purposes.

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One of CNN (FOX) bottom message stated that ISIS released new video and a message of "Count down begun: So it seems they are safe yet. Maybe new video will have different clothes than old old orange colored US prison uniform.

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Djv 124 good post

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What if those two Japanese convert to Islam? Are Muslims allowed to kill Muslims of they same type?

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In USA time, midnight tonight will be 72 hours. (Thursday here, One day difference because of date line). US medias are talking about different Islamic terrorist stories once in a while. Sometimes, it says Japans]nese hostage situation and they are more interested in $200 million ransom and they switch to Madonna's un finished songs hacked and Lady GaGa in Vegas so can not get info about how Japan is doing. It is almost 2 o'clock now that 9 more hours we have to wait what will happen. Hope ISIS wouldn't behead them. I wonder who are the customers of ISIS oil business. No wonder Russia has hard time to get cusomers for their oil business.

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It's tragic all around. Can't help thinking the hostages mental condition, the families coping with tension and stress, J-Gov. struggling to do the proper appeal and the Japanese society viewing westerners with extreme displeasure.

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Spend the 200 million yen on something worthwhile here in Japan. Why waste it on two guys who went to a dangerous place on purpose? Don't be an enabler of these IS shenanigans. Hell, build a school in Japan and nurture in younger Japanese to sense to not become IS hostages. Unless these two guys are government agents: Let 'em go... let 'em go...

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No one has any diplomatic ties with these guys because they're not in the habit of acting diplomatically. Nakata shows little understanding of what he is dealing with when he tries to appeal to their sense of image and reputation.

Nothing but boots on the ground can save these guys.

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They could cancel the newest fighter jet program, which would free up enough money to pay the ransom.

I'm not recommending that, though.

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Their is only one way that is to Bomb them into oblivion.

Guys, seriously. You haven't learned by now that that doesn't work...

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There is only one "possible way": Pay up with our tax money.

And my prediction is they will do that.

-3 ( +2 / -5 )


There is only one "possible way": Pay up with our tax money.

Good. Hard to think of a better use for our taxes.

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Daniel Neagari:

" Paying the ransom is not even realistic. "

No, it is very realistic. Plenty of people have been bought off. Actually, the French and German governments have paid Al Quaeda in Africa routinely for kidnapped nationals, even while they officially downplay that. It is a very well established routine.

" Even if they are released, that will set ISIS to think that kidnapping Japanese is profitable and that will put in peril even more people. "

Quite correct, and I hope the J-government considers that. The amount 200 million USD per head is way above anything that has been paid until now, and it will put a brightly-lit neon sign "Kidnap Me!!" over the head of any Japanese national in the region.

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