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Japan says no key data lost in cyberattack; China denies responsibility


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"Japan says no loss of key data in cyberattack; China denies responsibility"

What else could they both say? Both statements are probably not true.

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Does China take responsibility for anything?

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China denying they're responsible for cyberattacks is becoming pretty routine, isn't it?

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it's better to assume that "all data gone" because Japan will admit the truth after six months or so.

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it must have been pretty big

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It was probably nothing to do with China. I expect it was caused by some MHI employees using Mixi. That seems to be how most viruses get on computers in Japan.

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China denies responsibility

They can deny all they want, but there is a 99.9% chance that they did it.

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Japan says no loss of any more data... they've lost anything of importance long ago!

Has the Japanese government speculated that it might be the Chinese or is it just the media who are throwing blame around at the moment?

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It smells fishy to me. Many countries engage in industrial/coporate/governmental cyber-espionage of some kind - the Russians, the Israelis, the Americans & the Chinese, you name it. What amateurs would leave such traceable, simplified Chinese characters, especially when the security spotlight is currently focus on China? Having said that, major governmental depts & large companies such as Sony should have robust protection in place for critical systems.

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And they confirmed no data was lost because all files were still there :-)

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paulinusa, China cannot spell a word of 'RESPONSIBILITY" and they never will.

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China has been repeatedly linked to these massive cyber attacks. It is a form of cold warfare that the world should deal much more harshly with.

Cut off investment and support for China until she learns to behave like a good partner to the world. We are creating a monster by financing her military growth with western and Japanese investment.

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If they were remotely controlling the servers then that is not a virus but a bot and how would they know if anything was stolen? If you can get infected 80 times you can get your stuff stolen, it's not like the bot would keep a log of it.

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The problem is that the bureaucrats in Beijing are unable to control what various military and quasi-military groups around the country are doing, and they know it.

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Cyberattackers can shut down all utitities, communications, and transportations in addition to spying purpose. Japan has to be smarter than these attackers who are employees of Chinese govt) before they try to shut down whole Japan. This is a very serious problem.

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That's what the Chinese govt. trained their hackers for. Soon for every attack China willl start denying responsibility even before people blaming them. The guilty is quick at denying.

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It is soooooooo Chinese. The end justifies the means in order to make up what they were missing since chairman Mao killed millions of Chinese. There was a report in the U.S news about a cyber warfare unit that is part of Chinese military in action. Obviously, all roads lead to China on all these matters. China will face another revolution in due time, for I can not wait to see it happens; sooner is better for the world.

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How come we never hear of any cyberattacks targeting China............

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i think china, like the rest of the world, just wants to make sure japan isn't funneling funds to any secret underwater battlemech manufacturing facilities.

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I love it when companies claim that "no data" was lost when they get hacked. Chances are, if the hacker got access to your server then they probably took something.

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Sounds like the hackers may have been working for a competitor to Mitsubishi by what would possibly be corporate espionage, Chinese have hacked into a lot of Japanese and US companies lately.

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It's times like this when I miss ApecNetworks coming around to tell us that he has access to information we don't have, that he's been warning (whoever) about (whatever) for years, and reminding us that we are idiots and pawns, while he is in the know and above the fray.

Of course it was the Chinese. It's been a long time since they've come up with anything worthwhile that they didn't steal.

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what does lost data mean? that the data wasn't copied or that key data wasn't seen by the hackers?

china, puh-leeze! they are running the largest, and maybe most sophisticated, state-sponsered hacking network in the world. you gotta be good if you can break into google.

lostrune 2 b/c china doesn't have any important data to steal. they've copied it from japan and western countries.

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In the nutshell, Chinese brains smarter then Japanese or Amerian or any other nation in the world...?

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They can deny all they want, but there is a 99.9% chance that they did it.

They should also graciously take the blame for the downfall of the western civilization.

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why china? not US!

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cos a new breed of hackers is coming from china.... I don't consider it bad. Take preventive measures for your systems.

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There is nothing more effective than the suggestion of external threat to bring the mouth breathing masses back in line and taking the search lights of the governments internal affairs.

Could it be that the Japanese government needs the threat of:

Chinese fishing boats

Russian bombers

Chinese Military ships

Chinese Hackers

North Korean nuclear activities

etc etc...

In the same way that many western governments need Muslim Terrorists?

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So I take it by the comments that China has been found guilty of this attack?

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Can't believe either of them. Like kids, they are.

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Stopping the arms race and promoting peace would render such attacks useless.

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