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School bullying cases leading to police investigations hit 10-year high


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The consumption cannabis should be legalised so It can be regulated. Some of the stuff grown today is very powerful. With regulation a certain level of the quality production standards and quality assurance can be achieve which is achieve in the Alcohol industry.

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The police need to investigate school bullying in the elementary schools which could bring the number down in the higher grades. Oh yes, there are plenty and not only by students but teachers, too, against the students.

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Tip of the Iceberg! Most would go unreported!

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Sounds like teachers not doing their jobs

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Bullying is so ingrained in Japanese culture, it will never be eradicated.

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Bullying news and cannabis use should be separate news.

the increase in police reports in bullying can be a good thing indicating that people are complaining about it rather than handling themselves, fighting or suiciding.

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The consumption cannabis should be legalised so It can be regulated.

How about no, it's a great thing it is illegal in Japan. It's easier to resist peer pressure in Japan meanwhile in the states some people act like they would die without it.

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This could be a real elevation of the cases or (optimistically) just an elevation of the cases that are now being prosecuted, if the latter case is true that could mean a change in the perception of bullying that would make it something less acceptable and might even end up being reduced because of this change.

Among a total of 404 people either criminally investigated or placed in protective custody, 125 were elementary school students, 189 were from junior high schools and 90 were from high schools.

Not really useful data the way it is written since it groups together victims and perpetrators in a single total.

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School bullying cases leading to police investigations hit 10-year high

really? they need the police (as if they even know how) to help solve the situation?

The main problems are keeping the students in the same class with the same group year in and year out. The other problem is not adjusting classes according to skill level. At least for the core skills.

The solutions are so simple, well simple outside of Japan anyway.

If they would let students rotate classrooms and switch classmates every period in every year, this would help kids form new relationships with different people. Not the same cliques every time. It would help people grow and find new groups. Also, you could get away from the drama in one class into the sanctuary of another.

Also if you make levels of core classes, for example different levels of math, Japanese, science, foreign languages, IT, etc, etc, then the quicker students can move at a faster rate and the slower students can go at a more detailed pace. Less embarrassment and less pressure to hurry up.

And don't even get me started on the ignorant senpai-kohai relationships, one track minded center tests and university exams and endless club activities. Those are entire topics to themselves.

Also, allow teenagers to have part time jobs. That would help them stay out of trouble and learn responsibility too. As well as communication and social skills.

So many of the bullying problems could be solved internally, if the BOE would just wake the hell up and make the necessary changes, and adapt with the times.

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Bullies are born losers .They are only good with their fists and dirty tricks. Otherwise they are losers. No pity.

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