Japan Sports Agency chief slams Tokyo Olympic corruption scandal


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The Japanese Olympic committee closed the financial books months ago, saying all is well. Doesn’t seem that way. Sadly those that pushed this at the top are dead or dieting. Greed to the end. It was a disaster and it was always going to be Mori, Abe, Ichihowa that pick was a recipe for disaster (allegedly)

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This bribery scandal for Olympic sponsorship is like an athlete taking performance enhancing drugs. All those involved should be stripped of their position and their pension and be banned from taking part in future negotiations.

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"It's unforgivable,"

Young and new entry athletes must be watchin and thinking this really stinks, do I really want to compete in the next Olympics!?

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So if athletes caught cheating are banned why are not these cronnies in jail and banned?

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I wonder if these arrests, or the investigation in general, would be happening if Abe was still alive? I have a feeling they would not.

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Corruption seems to be rife all over Japan.

Roads to nowhere,rigged contract bidding, private parties,lavish funerals,expensive and useless masks-all at public expense!

The list goes on…

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What can you expect when there's no oversight? That's typically how the government works, they hire a contractor to do everything and there's no oversight, that absolves them of any responsibility and more importantly, having to do any real work.

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I'm sorry, but Mr. Murofushi knew very well that there was greed and corruption going on, but to try and help the Sapporo bid he had to come out and make this statement. I really hope that this torpedos Sapporo's chance of getting the games, because we all know very well that the same damn thing will happen again!

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He wants a cover up as it's embarrassing to the way that things are carried out in Japan.

It isn't only in Sports, but throughout Business life in Japan, and also other Far East Asian Countries.

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