Japan to crack down on crime rings that recruit via social media


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Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Friday ordered a crackdown on crime rings that use social media to recruit new members and task them with committing burglaries and fraud, as the government responds to a string of recent robberies across the country.

I needed a proper laugh this morning! This would be like trying to find a criminal in the dark with a lit match stick. At some point it would prove to be impossible and this "crackdown" would just fizzle out!

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"It is the government's biggest responsibility to ensure the safety of the people," 

since when?

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Cyber patrols, what a joke. How about going after the crooks?

Well, isn’t it a way to find the crooks ?

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as good example can be FB

tons of scam posts for iphones,job offers or visa offers are freely available online as they are not violating their "community standards".its called a giftcard scam script and FB users are bomebd by these so called "ads" all the time,FB doing nothing about it as getting paid for it by scammers groups.

if you make critical comments abt crooks in Kiev than you are banned.

double called "community standards".

sure jpn gov have no balls to do open censorship of twitter,facebook etc so dont expect any positive outcome at all.just another empty talk for masses like we are doing "something" but in real do-nothing.

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The trend of scam is becoming increasingly from time to time so far government can't do nothing to stop the increase.

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Cyber patrols, what a joke. How about going after the crooks?

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