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Japan to enforce crypto anti-money laundering steps from June


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Bitcoin are not real currency,it has not monetary backing,I seen some strange transactions,where clerk scan barcode and hand about 200 dollars in cash,I believe in liquid cash

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money obtained from illegal activities is made to look legitimate by processing it through legal transactions.

Meanwhile, major banks have even been caught doing exactly that for favoured, rich customers and paid the fines too as a cost of doing business. I have my suspicions these measures to so-say halt laundered money are something more sinister as we are all caught up in a web of surveillance and control, but, hell, I might be paranoid.

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Oversight organizations have been strengthening their monitoring of crypto assets that can be used to launder money, an activity in which money obtained from illegal activities is made to look legitimate by processing it through legal transactions.

More performance theater like the Russia sanctions and will make it harder for the average person to move their money, but not inconvenience the oligarchs listed in the Panama and Pandora Paper form shielding their assets.


The Japanese elites' names are prominently listed as well.

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like so many other controls, this will probably hassle and/or inconvenience regular citizens, while the 'big boys' carry on as usual.....

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Governments create money out of thin air .. the major 'currencies' are backed by nothing but threat of force. DYOR.

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If you transfer your crypto from an institution to your private wallet and then to another institution it simply bypasses the mechanism, or am I missing something?

You are exactly right - from an exchange, if you register a private wallet, all it asks you is to enter the owner of the wallet, and thats all thats required. Obviously you can enter name you want - pretty pointless.

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This will be the influence of the US at the G7. Trying to make ither countries adopt their stupid regulations. Japan has actually been very progressive in this space. If hate for them to crush it.

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Sooo, they are going to pass on the sender info to one of those bitcoin mixers on the darknet? And then what?

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All of these exchanges need to move offshore. I am sure there are countries that would love the business. In addition, wasn't crypto first set up to stay away from the government?

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