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Japan to expand anti-online piracy law to encompass manga, magazines


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Again, what is the point of this law when most people don't download these items and instead read them online. Furthermore, these laws hold no teeth overseas so adopting such a law is a waste of time.

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Are manga publishers losing money?

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Again, what is the point of this law when most people don't download these items and instead read them online.

The things you view online are often downloaded into your cache. So you are downloading, though that depends on how they apply these oppressive laws, which are bought and paid for media lobbyists.

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Well, if this works, don't blame anyone if the sales actually falls. In essence, this is preventing people from viewing your work, and there is way too much crappy media out there to "Buy first". Let us see the darn thing, and maybe we'll buy something. That way you get at least some money. Don't let us see the darn thing, we won't buy and you don't get anything.

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Try all ways to make benefits for the gvn

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So tell me, I can read them online illegally, but I can't download them? That seems to make sense. That's like saying "You can sit in a stolen police car, but you can't drive it!"

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I see it more as a tv station illegally obtained a show. You watched that show on that tv station. Should you be held responsible or should the tv station?

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They dont give a d4nm about Mangas or publishers, its to control their grip on media sharing - especially posting or sharing videos or tv clips, photos about Abe & his cronies on youtube, twitter, sns gets you a penalty . In times where only granny is left watching brainwash-NHK they need a step to control the internet.

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They can only catch you if you use a fax machine.

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encrypted VPN problem solved.

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Most hosting sites and link sites are based outside Japan anyway.

This is just lip-service. Nothing has changed.

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Ah. according to this article, the new Law would appear to be both vague... and extreme at the same time.

You Kid if found to have viewed via a website document which if it happened to be a Japanese Manga, (unpaid for), is to be sent to prison for 5 years, or simply executed (since they cant pay a fine - and you won't) ?

The Operators of the said web site, if ever found, will be given a 5 year sentence (unless they're Politicians)....

I hope some clarity can be given.

IMO The "Global" (yeah not just the Chinese) Politicians are at fault here, they are the ones who created the environment that deny free-Willed people access to go out an seek stuff that was not available within their own countries.... (replace "Japan" with your own country)... that is the "real" issue, that is giving rise to the online Piracy revolution... why should a film need to have scenes redacted, why should a film portraying a gay actor be banned, Why should a film showing a fictional Religious leader be banned ? Why even should it be edited locally ?

WTF !!! We are Human, we should have the right to choose what we want to watch! (Even if its utter trash, and have the collective right to say so and not promote it locally), yet to this date - even in Japan - the local Government dictates what we can or cant watch!

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I want to (1) preview a product online, then (2) buy it from which-ever "source" at what-ever price. If the product needs subtitles ... then assuming I'm interested in it, I will go seek out the SUbtitles for it.

I do not wish to buy something that has been tailored to the "perceived" Japanese Market needs.. who the F. has decided that ? and why ? I simply, just want to purchase the original Production.... but herein lies the online problem....

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Ok, so where does it put official Touhou Project manga, will it be legal or illegal to post and download it under the revised copyright? Because Touhou Project theoretically is an Dojin franchise, but it's official manga is published in magazines, and most of it is uploaded online as fan translated scanlations... Also, I don't understand why the Japanese people themselves cannot read scans of these manga in both Japanese or English (would help them learn English, due to the big quality of the fan translation, which is one of the best in my opinion)

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I believe the whole copyright revision is something imposed by the US media companies and President Donald Trump of the US, as anime and manga is an threat to theire streaming services like Netflix or Disney plus, which aim to control the Japanese media industry.

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