Japan to make unauthorized downloads of all copyrighted work illegal


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Good luck enforcing the rule about leech sites overseas!

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Majority of people are not longer downloading. The vast majority of watchers are streaming.

As the takedown of pirate bay has shown countries, if you the host country doesn’t make it illegal, then you will have no hope of actually enforcing a shutdown.

You can potentially have ISP’s block certain sites but then you will have people fighting censorship.

If companies are not offering translated services, the government of other countries won’t fight against the millions of streamers that want to access something that has zero effect on their economy.

The movie and music industry are much different. They impact other economies. Manga sales do not really impact other economies outside of Japan so they will not really be motivated in helping Japan enforce something like this.

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police state gets more police statey

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And that's why people use VPNs.

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Yeah, sure. A bit rich coming from the government whose minister in charge of the legislation is on the record for having no idea how to use a pc.

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I actually like the way they are wording this.....AT THIS STAGE.

'But it sought a cautious approach in penalizing unauthorized downloads in view of adverse effects on people's lives and freedom of expression.'

'The report said only serious offenses should be punished, such as copying the whole work and repeating illegal downloads.'

'...perpetrators could be indicted only if criminal complaints are filed by victims.'

See that all seems reasonable enough as opposed to State Control over content.

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No limited fair use exception for schools?

What about web search engines that have an image, but link to the official source?

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Ironic that a country of whose many industries were built from copying foreign products, photocopying plans and patents now decides to ban copying through downloads!

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They need to include photos.

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Punishment should match the crime. If you kidnap someone for 2 years, then go to prison for 2 years. If you take something that isn't yours, then sometging of yours should be taken. Prison is not the answer here.

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Simply attach a copyrighted document to an e-mail and forward it to a politician. When the politician opens the attachment he will have broken the law.

It's hard to see how they can enforce this law when they are not allowed to monitor communications, nor block web sites. It's still worth using a VPN though, to avoid any unnecessary grief.

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Japan will make it illegal to download without permission of copyright holders all works including manga, computer games and literary writings

What about paintings? I love me some paintings!

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