Japan to look into child mistreatment cases nationwide


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In Japan nursery can not take care children and also parent can not take care his children.

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I hope they do something to improve the situation.

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Why only nurseries? There is a lot of mistreatment within the home as well. Start with people that leave kids in cars. even if they leave their kids in the car to dart into the convenience store it is mistreatment. Japan really needs a national education program that clearly outlines what mistreatment and abuse of children really is. It's very obvious many parents have no idea.

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The government said Tuesday it will look into child mistreatment cases at nurseries across the country and how municipalities have handled them, following the arrest of three nursery teachers in central Japan for allegedly abusing toddlers.

And what took them so long? There have been cases of child abuse, reported here and other places, occurring at day care facilities for a number of years now.

It just sounds like a knee-jerk reaction/response that wont change things in the long run, as the need for day care facilities and workers has increased over the past few years. The need for workers has increased so much in fact that, at least down here anyway, the starting monthly salaries, for qualified workers, has jumped, on average, over ¥50,000 to ¥70,000 a month, to between ¥200,000 to ¥220,000.

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How about paying tuition fees for childcare workers to earn proper qualifications at college? Then as qualified professionals they should be able to earn a decent salary when they go job hunting.

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Yes! Yes!! And, Yes!!! Look nation-wide into child abuse! Not only in homes!! But in all schools as well!!! And not only in Japan!!!! But in the whole world!!!!!

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Majority of the abuse happen at n the homes. There are many school bullies because bullies children bullies other children. Parents leaving them in a car, intentionally starving toddlers, punching a child to death, suicidal parents taking their children to their deaths, verbal abuse, children sustaining head injuries, subjecting children to extreme discipline are the news we read every now and then.

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Oh, NOW they wanna pretend they care about child mistreatment cases in Japan? What about all those other cases from before? They'd give it some media attention then..........I forgot.

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That ‘look’ clearly should be extended into the other end of the age scale, when it’s about helpless seniors in similarly tragic situations.

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I wonder how much has changed in seven years. Did that “better coordinated and stronger system to deal with child abuse” ever come about?

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This will be an insult to all the good staff who care about children’s development. They are paid almost nothing and generally care about children’s well being. They will quit their jobs maybe leaving the newly open positions to low desperate questionable persons.

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Chabbawanga - How about paying tuition fees for childcare workers to earn proper qualifications at college? 

Sadly, most of the younger staff do have qualifications. Qualifications do not stop the abuse.

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The actual cost of looking after a child under three in a public run childcare facility is over 200,000 yen per child per month. Under eighteen months and the cost is more like 300,000. That is because of the required staffing and admin costs. Many staff working in childcare are low paid, and if they weren't the cost would be even higher. Most people (parents) have no idea it costs this much because they only get charged something like 30,000 to 50,000 yen a month for an under three. I know from experience that many parents will still moan about this and/or the 200 yen an hour penalty if you are late collecting your child.

The tl:dr version of the above is that the government pays a fortune for other people to look after parents' kids. In my opinion, it should give parents the option of taking the same money, not working, and looking after the children themselves, either through government funded maternity/paternity leave or UBI. Having other people raise children of frontline workers may make sense, but most people are not doing vital work. Having babies raised in baby centers just so the parents can do what David Graeber famously called "BS jobs" doesn't make sense. It is not something we should cheer on.

Children over three probably need social interaction, so childcare for them is good. Over three years old and they go in a class with structured activities at hoikuen, one teacher to 15 or so kids. The problematic (and super expensive) childcare is for little ones, under threes.

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Sadly, most of the younger staff do have qualifications. Qualifications do not stop the abuse.

Do they?

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Given you don’t need any certification or background checks to work at most of these day care/preschool centers I won’t be surprise to see it wide spread. Jgov only acts if there is enough coverage in the media sadly.

also… all the news about abuse being suspected/known and then released back into the environment with the abusers in this country really make me cynical about the countermeasures

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Oh really? Now?

What have they been actually doing for the last century on this issue?

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