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Gov't considers obliging convicted sex offenders to wear GPS trackers


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Good! How about providing a database of these offenders and giving them to local police units and the ward office to better keep tabs on them.

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This sounds like back to the future! I believe America has been doing this for years!

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Considers? This should be a no brainer, but I would be surprised if some cop puts one on his leg instead of the criminal!

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Teachers in Japan get away too lightly. Something must be done.

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consider tougher rules on teachers who commit obscene acts, including dismissal.

i would have thought dismissal would be automatic, then added penalties. Love to understand the prioritys of policy makers, sadly I can't.

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Though controversial, execution or life in prison after the second serious offence would certainly prevent re-offending.

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Obliging? It’s not quite like ordering or making it mandatory, is it?

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I'm all for safety but if they have done their time they shouldn't be tracked, if they are still a danger then keep them locked up!

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I believe America has been doing this for years!

Not exactly. Sexual offenses range from the worst crimes to peeing in some bushes or having consensual sex n a car with your girlfriend. Someone caught pissing can get labeled for life as a sexual offender (lewd conduct) and have to register with local police and, in some locations, tell their neighbors about their crime.

Certainly there needs to be degrees for wearing the GPS, say anyone convicted to serve over 1 yr in prison, which should never happen except for more serious behaviors.

GPS bracelets are usually for convicted criminals who get released BEFORE their sentence is completed or for pre-trial defendants who are out on bail but considered a flight risk. Once their time is completed or the trial finished, they don't wear any tracking devices. To force that would be illegal under US law.

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tougher punishments for school teachers who commit sexually lewd acts,

This is the part of the plan I would love to see more details on. If a teacher commits sex crimes against a student, should they choose to resign, they are allowed to keep their teaching credentials and teach elsewhere. I hope that system will have a complete overhaul.

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Consider means actually implementing five years from now.

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Good to know some progress is being made.

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The plan, to be implemented within three years,

Huh 3 years, it could be implemented in about 3 minutes.

Teachers should be punished harder than others as they are in a position of trust and should be role models for the children, and any and all the child sex offenders should be made to wear something around their damn Necks !!

Good idea though make the sex offenders wear tracking devices and then maybe extend it to the burglars.

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Eventually after consideration, sorting out who's family gets the contract and the pricing per unit...it might be implemented if the offender agrees, then we will check perhaps every three months the data. Just don't trust at all it will be implemented in any serious manner.

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Twelve states allow lifetime monitoring, Earls' opinion said. In North Carolina, subjects can ask officials that the requirement be terminated a year after they complete their sentences, including probation and supervision.

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Great idea.

i think this is not for the drunken salaryman who touches a short skirt schoolgirl during rush hour. They should be shamed and lose their job and family.

i think serious sex offenders should be microchipped on release. Tracked and freedom of movement restricted. Face recognition. Regular councilling.

2nd time, off with the gonads.

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All of this is pointless unless they have a sex offenders register and do criminal record checks on those who work with children or vulnerable adults.

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Yes it is pointless, the Headline says that..."considers, obliging" And enforcement can't enforce the most simplest of laws now? It's just another expensive attempt at window dressing a problem without having to seriously face it.

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Taking these matters more seriously is a start, but as others have said, sex offenders cover a wide range of people, most for whom GPS trackers would be overkill.

How about starting with common sense improvements, like a database of teachers who have molested students, so they can't just move to a new city and get hired by another school?

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I wonder if they have enough GPS trackers?

Also, if you read between the lines.....

Japan will consider 

The plan, to be implemented within three years, is expected to be reflected in the annual economic policy blueprint to be compiled

....it sounds like its just an idea they're not 100% on board with the idea,

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Huh 3 years, it could be implemented in about 3 minutes.

There is much more involved than just slapping a GPS on someone. I've been part of a GPS deployment for 25K vehicles. it took about 3 yrs AND about $50M. Location data is sensitive, so it really shouldn't be outsourced. To reduce people effort in tracking out of area events, each person would need a profile for when and where they go. There are emergencies so someone needs to man a call center. These things break and fall off the reporting grid from time to time. Technology isn't foolproof and there are always bigger fools being made. People get mad and bash the GPS units too.

it isn't trivial, though deployments these days should be much faster and cheaper.

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Shouldn't be let loose, never mind tracked...

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

Japan's government is literally just a group of old men sitting their and joking around about ideas. All they do is "consider" things to think about. They do nothing, unless it will benefit them financially, or in terms of career (again, financially).

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Sex offender list, including their address an accessible map. In many states in the US, they even have to go door to door in their neighborhood to announce that they're moving in. Also, don't allow name changes, which seems to be approach here: commit sex crime, change your name, and move to a new location. Ridiculous...

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Shouldn't they do this for all crimes? Forever marked for the rest of their life?

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Fantastic idea - they can then make an app that women can download that shows a map with every man nearby who is a sex offender.

That would be both terrifying (as you'd find yourself surrounded by sex offenders) and quite useful in avoiding interacting with sex offenders.

The app could also provide a brief profile of the charges, so you'd know which men were rapists, gropers, and child molesters, as opposed to flashers and those who urinated in public. Then we could take action accordingly, such as not standing next to gropers on the train, and giving rapists a wide berth.

I'm only halfway kidding since recidivism rate for sex crimes is fairly high.

Maybe we could give them the opportunity to get taken off the map if they can manage to go five or six years without harming any women.

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Great idea, but I worry this will creep into other applications...

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ToshihiroJune 11  06:45 am JST

Good! How about providing a database of these offenders and giving them to local police units and the ward office to better keep tabs on them.

That's occuring in America. You can look up and see where sex offenders live and generally they must live away from schools.


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Long overdue. Sex abuse is the most unreported crime in Japan.

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