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Japan envoy in Jordan hopeful about release of hostage, pilot


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Tying Goto's fate to the Jordanian pilot is promising news, if true. Hard to believe Amman would be willing to swap the woman simply for Goto, but if they can gain one of their own national's at the same time...

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The Japanese government has made no effort to talk directly to ISIS. NHK are able to contact them, but Abe and his mates, with their staged 1 am "urgent" meeting, can't seem to manage it. It's the same as the "top priority" North Korea hostage negotiations, where months and years go by with no meetings at all.

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After making such optimistic comments, Goto and the pilot had better come home "with a smile on their faces," or else this Deputy Foreign Minister is going to come home with egg all over his...

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A bit of a pickle. Two lives to free a woman who's gonna end up blowing herself up and probably killing dozens of innocent people.

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IS wants a woman released? Doesn't fit.

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many countries are obsessed with those prophecies , and prophecies need troops or outer engagement to fuel it , any country which go there fuel the prophecies of the medieval religion

so he is back go od not then you know who is fueling ISIS , jordan said the priority to the kidnapped pilot , diplomat should set at home and abandon the whole issue or confess to the citizen that you are facing the possibility of intervening in a holy war that started for a long centuries

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@scoobydoo who said 'IS wants a woman released? Doesn't fit.'

They want her released so that she can blow up more children, women and men.

This is why they shouldn't do this swap.

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I agree this is a tough spot for Japan, however Jordan is a strong country and they can have some influence/sway being an Arabic country. Hopefully they can gain Mr. Goto's release.

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Why is it that I have a bad feeling about this. This group has shown they care nothing for human life. We should expect the worst but hope for the best.

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A prisoner swap is really no different to paying a ransom. They shouldn't do it, as it's a reward for taking hostages.

Funny to see the American government defending the Bergdahl deal in Afghanistan though, just why that was an entirely different case because he was a prisoner of war (according to them) I am not sure...

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@Farmboy I disagree that we should do this exchange.

Giving in to ransom demands will:

make ISIS appear powerful to would be jihads hence, encouraging growth of this barbaric group. make ISIS feel more powerful because they have held someone ransom, and they got there own way. liaising with them is saying you accept this behavior, rather than only showing strong condemnation of their behavior. encourage ISIS to hold more innocent civilians to be held hostage, so they can release further dangerous people from prison. it gives them a dangerous woman immediately available to kill innocent children, women and men, rather than having to find someone who they can brainwash into doing this.
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yes , japan should confirm that all the area is supporting isis then it should lead the coalition with scientific reasoning and hellfire missle , all the world should show them the helluva of the work

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will return home with "a smile on their faces,"

Only if the smile is carved on their dead faces.

The chance of them being released alive is zero with those ISIS criminals.

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Abe & cabinet would look good & boost national morale if they could secure Goto's release.

No assistance from US Dept. of State involved.

Kudos to Japan's Ministery of Foreign Affairs for thus getting this far.

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There is now news that ISIS gunman have now killed at least 8 people when they attacked a luxury hotel in Tripoli, Libya, that is popular with British, Italian and Turkish people.

These guys just won't stop.

All the countries around the world really need to unite to exterminate extremist religious groups like ISIS.

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Let's pray for a miracle that Mr Goto San and the Jordanian pilot will be released. Miracles do happen.

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And this is why Japan has a major issue with knowing how to deal with this sort of event: "Abe's envoy Nakayama, 44, is a sports science graduate and former advertising agency employee who studied in the United States and France." His cabinet could not release a fly stuck on a wet paper towel if they even tried...Geez! This country is known to try to make anyone valid for a position that requires more than just hiring plain ol' John or Jane (like they do with filling teaching positions in Japan). Let's hope they do the trade with the hostages...and Goto gets out there alive...even though what he did was just ridiculous...

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These demands are obsurd and geared to just prolong the inevitable and to increase ISIS's Bloody Propaganda Campaign they're selling as a Caliphate.

I can assure you all of this: If Goto and or this Pilot dies, Rashawi will defiantly hang. And lucky for her that she will just hang and not suffer a blade around her neck.

Oh BTW: U.S. &,British Intelligence are moving in on Rambo Ninja. They will take this sick and twisted puke off of this planet the same way we took out his mentor Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi.

They underestimate the vaste resources The United States and our allies have in The Middle East and we will take them out.

It's not a matter of "If" but a short matter of "When"...

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Is he also hopeful about the release of the jihadist suicide bomber?

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