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Japanese woman in Malaysia has death sentence commuted to 30-year prison term


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Able to avoid death sentence, that's quite lucky. Not so many people can do that. However that country method of death penalty is same like Japan.


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Rule number 1:

Never accept any luggage or anything from strangers, acquaintances, and friends. Even from own family or loved ones, it is your responsibility to check what is in the luggage.

you never know what is in people’s minds and their intentions.

if your wife or hubs and wanted to get rid of you, all they have to do is try to check illegal contraband into any country with harsh penalties, whether capital punishment or several years in the dungeons.

Learn when to stop being a nice person.

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Good news.

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That’s very good. Many people are killed by drug excuse. A significant number of them are innocent people.

Drug checks in all airports are done wrongly and the wrong doing is intentional. Because it’s very easy to do it right but nobody does. It made me conclude that all government officials worldwide are involved in drug trafficking.

the wrong action is that your check in suitcase isn’t checked while you are there. It’s only checked after you give your luggage and you aren’t there. The luggage is not in that person control anymore.

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@hercolobus 1000% right, do not trust anyone and triple check before going back home, your hotel room is not safe.

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What's sad is I just told my wife about this story, and after reading only the first paragraph I said, "I had no idea what I was carrying". Then that's exactly what happened as I read further. Why would any reasonable person think carrying something through an airport not knowing the contents would be a good idea?

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There is more to it than meets the eye. Pray tell, can someone fill us in with the rest of the story.

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She is saved, he is missing half of the sentence..

With good behavior she will come out sooner..

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If my "acquaintance" can't carry their own suitcase then it'll just stay at the airport. I'm not taking anything that I didn't pack myself through security. I have trust issues like that. See ya on the other side.

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”I didn’t know” is not an excuse under the law in any country. Does no matter if she knew or didn’t know what was inside.

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She broke the law, she must suffer the consequences.

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I just can't remember how long, not to accept any luggage from anyone for a flight had been told to travelers in USA for many decades since the terror on 9/11.

Always be aware.

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She broke the law, she must suffer the consequences.

She is doing that. Did you read the article? Her death sentence was reduced to 30 years. She'll be out after about 10 years.

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She will eventually return to Japan. What will she do then? She surely has no pension. Government benefits and Council flat?

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I can understand young people making foolish mistakes. Sometimes I think a synonym for young is foolish. This woman was 50 years old. At some point she needs to get smarter. Drug trafficking is not a long term plan for prosperity.

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How many Japanese people know Iranians , let alone carry bags for them?

Why would anyone do that?

Japanese are herd creatures not predilected to free thought.

Either she was stupid as or was being paid…

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