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Japanese lawmaker Kakizawa indicted over violation of election law


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Kakizawa is suspected of conspiring with his four secretaries and providing a total of 1 million yen to five former or incumbent Koto assembly members while allegedly offering payment of 600,000 yen in total to three other local assembly members.

Conspiring with them or pressuring and intimidating them into assisting him in his schemes for his own benefit and to set up some convenient fall guys if he is caught?

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Four secretaries! That is one of the first problems. This guy needed a huge amount of money just to pay his staff.

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Do you think he could open his own car door?

Pick up his suit from the cleaners?

It’ll drag through the courts, in 3 years he will only pay the fine. Then get hired by an LDP friendly company board do do yet again nothing.

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But he later decided not to contest the allegations, saying it was unavoidable that the payment was interpreted as intended to influence the election given the situation at the time, the sources said.

The old evasive and dissembling non-apology admission.

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Dang guess he wasn’t friends enough with the right people to get on the investigation panel made up of people being investigated lol

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Looks like they found a scrape goat and the bigger culprits who are corrupt are still untouchable!

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It is so common that they have pre-printed checklists now, just tick the boxes:

Suspended sentence: 6 months/ 1 year/ 2 years.

Reduction in salary: 3/6/12 months

Depth of bow required: 30/ 45/ 90 degree

Resignation required: Yes/ No/ temporary

Apology: by fax/ by letter/ on TV/ in the Diet

Useful expressions: misunderstanding/ was drunk/ don't recall/ my junior did it/

and my favourite Japanese verb - sorrimasen - lit. I'm not sorry!

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