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Japanese man arrested in Indonesia for protesting against G20 summit


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Not smart, especially in a country and culture he knows little about. He won’t be in for long though, and will have a nice story to tell his activist mates when he is released, probably after the summit!

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What visas do G20, G7 etc officials have when they go for these meetings?






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Welcome the new freedom of speech norm...

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If he protested against the inclusion of Zelenski, a dictator from a country that is not part of G20, I will donate a little to his expenses.

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At least still very lucky and nothing at all happened to him, in comparison to what they have in store there for such tourists. Usually they put troublemakers quickly into the prison and for quite a long time, death penalty is also an option there and although it’s hopefully only stupid hearsay , but traveling there too far away from civilization brings sometimes a few tourists onto the bbq table and for a good meal on some islands very far south or east.

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G20 leaders and their staff don’t need visas.

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An arrest is made for a crime. Protesting peacefully, carring a banner is not a crime in any country in the world. Why should this Japanese tourist in Indonesia be arrested? Is he considered criminal by the Indonesian Government ?

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New class of visa required or a new entry visa question ?

Do you plan to conduct any form of public protest during your stay ?
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