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Japanese man given 12-year prison term in China for espionage


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Japanese man given 12-year prison term in China for espionage

Next time please don't spy.

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If he was working for the government, does he still get his salary while in prison?

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The Japanese are keeping his name and other details secret, which makes it seem like he was actually guilty.

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One would think this would make Japanese or other countries companies and organizations think twice before sending people to China to be subjected to arbitrary charges and sentences for political leverage. Too bad this is not the case.

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He doing hard time in a labor camp

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Japan's large-scale espionage activities against China began at least in the Qing Dynasty since there were historical records. Some famous figures and events were written in Chinese textbooks. The ccp are fully aware these things and are very alert to Japanese spies.

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Guys, don't spy in China..

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"The Japanese government has been calling on China to release him at an early date and ensure transparency in judicial procedures related to his case"

They may release him after they have run numerous experiments etc.

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"Since 2015, at least 16 Japanese citizens have been detained in China on such charges as espionage. Of them, 10 nationals including the man in his 50s have been sentenced to jail terms of up to 15 years."

The question is will they survive such a long time in China's prison? many say very unlikely especially during the China US standoff .

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China must expect harsh sentences on their spies in Japan then. Fair is fair.

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Looks like hostage justice. Alas, the Japanese legal system has done similar things.

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Like my dad used to say, "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes"

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Just pick up one of the many many Chinese spies in Japan, thrown him/her in Jail and do an exchange.

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