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Japanese man suspected of murdering Norwegian woman in Laos


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They'll get him

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Don't think they are going to find him. There was once a japanese nut job who murdered a British English teacher at Nova who managed to dodge authorities for quite sometime. They have a way of blending in well, especially in asia. its almost like, these days, if you say you japanese, being a man, they show all kinds of respect to you. you could be dirt bag ugly, and still get good pick with the ladies. amazing what pop-culture popularity can do.

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How do those types even get married? Sounds like the guy had a large social circle of ex-wives. All I can say is, ...they sure can pick them. From those beauties going with the porn recruiters to thugs, punks and drug dealers like that guy, ..all the while other some men can't seem to find a decent basic wife..

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Sorry, that was supposed to be ex-girlfriends, not wives.

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The Norwegian source has some more info. There's an interview with her mother who says she was planning to marry this man after having known him for a few weeks and asked the mother to transfer money for buying a motorcycle. She refused, and some time later the owner of the yoga-facility, the young women was supposed to work at, contacted the mom to tell her the daughter had become involved in crime and drugs. The family contacted some of Ogu's ex-wives, he apparently had a habit of getting into relationships with European women and getting them to smuggle drugs for him. He had also been seen transporting her away from their hotel on a motorbike.

Link here, if anyone's interested: https://www.dagbladet.no/nyheter/norsk-kvinne-drept-og-dumpet-i-jungelen/72314956

Sounds like an overall sad story.

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More info and pics:


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DaDude: "The good thing is they released his name and picture so he won't be able to live comfortably here if he is here."

Not sure I'd bank on that. He'd be protected. In any case, I hope I'm wrong if he IS here, but I hope even more he hasn't been able to leave Loas, is caught, and has to face the music there.

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Life sentence in a Laotian prison or the death penalty... either way he’s a goner. HA!

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Good link, but they have a huge flaw.

His family name and surname is almost certainly reversed in error.

His name would be Hiroyuki Ogu in most places and Ogu Hiroyuki here.

I Could be wrong, but I doubt it.

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Immature and selfish human being couldn't accept being rejected. Luckily, he will get caught. He would immediately be identified and captured in Western countries, so his only choice is to move around Asia, but once the money runs out, he will be caught and sent to Laos.

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Honestly, how many times has Japan extradited on of their own citizens that committed a crime abroad? The good thing is they released his name and picture so he won't be able to live comfortably here if he is here.

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@Reckless, from the link sounds like he contacted her family and told them she committed suicide...so not likely that he was kidnapped.

@sir, a six foot drop will certainly ‘set him straight’.

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You gave a link with more detailed information than what we could've found here. And I do thank you.

The photo of Ogu Hiroyuki which was used for descriptive purposes looks a bit outdated to me. But I hope they find him and set him straight!

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Excellent link with photo posted by 'old_man13'...

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A little more detail. The two met in Laos and became lovers, so this had something to do with it.

Laos does have the death penalty, but past few years they seem to have some form of moratorium on it. Hopefully this guy will get executed for his horrible crime!


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