Japanese musician found strangled in Trinidad


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The Guardian has an article about this story with a picture of her as well. I hope the person or persons responsible for this murder are caught swiftly and brought to justice! My condolences to her family, friends and fans.

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Rest in peace, Nagakiya chan.

I admire Japanese who take unconventional paths in life. She certainly doesn't deserve to be treated like this. Nobody does.

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I admire Japanese who take unconventional paths in life. She certainly doesn't deserve to be treated like this. Nobody does.

Completely agree with this. For a nation that is deemed to be reserved, people like Asami are a breath of fresh air. Get out there people and see the world!!

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RIP! Hope they catch the culprit pronto!

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This is profoundly sad.

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Trinidad has an extremely high murder rate. That country needs to pull itself together, for its own sake as well as the safety of visitors.

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RIP! I hope that Japanese tourists understand that all places are not as safe as Japan. I recommend tourists to stay in group of close friends, dress soberly and not get drunk.

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It's really sad to know her life ended so quickly. I never knew her but saw her on the media playing our steel pan and loving our cultural. I am a Trinidadian and even though pan is part of our culture I don't fancy it but it's sad to know that she loved it and was killed, it's heartbreaking. Trinidad is fill with so many race and culture and our culture involves loving all don't matter the background you come from because we unite as one but what happen to this innocent girl there isn't words to describe it, saying sorry isn't gonna bring her back or help the pain of her family. Trinidad is indeed a beautiful country but because of the crime rate it's killing the entire paradise island I once knew. I don't recognized my own country of what it has become. All across the world there is crime but Trinidad is just a small country, a dot on the world map, we a just a small twin island, because of some people's lack of love or hate or what ever their sad excuse maybe for taking an innocent life is just sad and I feel sorry for them because it seems as though these people want to prove to this one or that one, that they are the boss, they run things, so they commit senseless killings without even realizing that they are taking someone's life away, someone angel, someone daughter or son or mother or father away. They don't think that they will be hurting innocent people who don't deserve it. What did this innocent girl ever did to deserve her life to be taken. I cry shame on my country and we the people for puttin up with it. It's just heartbreaking that it brings tears.........

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Nagakiya, whose age was not released by the police,

she was 30 y/o, source : MBS, RIP

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I'm agree with most of the comments above me.

Yeah, murder rates in Trinidad are very high.

Female Travelers & Tourists should focus to stay in a group of close friends & parents to stay safe at times next time, also please look out around your surroundings when you are going anywhere everytime!

My condolences to Asami Nagakiya's family, fans & friends!

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If you visit dangerous,high crime rate places you run the risk of being murdered.

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Most likely raped, and then murdered by someone with whom she was acquainted. Dead bodies don't talk.

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"if you visit dangerous,high crime rate places you run the risk of being murdered."

In Trinidad According to the 2011 Census, 33.4% of the population was Protestant and 21.5% was Roman Catholic, You would think In a Christian country such behavior would be influenced to be very low? ........maybe better to take kick boxing, and martial arts lessons before going there.

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Sad news. That's really heartbreaking.

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“Her FB page says she lives there, so she's not really a tourist.”

That’s not what Trinidad News is saying!

“She said Asami came to the country every year with friends for Carnival to play pan and enjoy the two-day celebration.”,223884.html

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Checked out her FB page.

Looked like this brave lady was living the dream.

How sad for a dream to end like this.


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She was very talented and did not deserve any of it. If the sexist mayor of Port of Span would get off his high horse and do the job we pay him to do, this girl would still be alive. He tried to absolve himself of the responsibilty of keeping people safe in HIS CITY. We in Trinidad will not tolerate it and we demand he be replaced with someone who would take their job seriously. His predecessor took the job seriously but was replaced because he does not kiss a$$.

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I recommend tourists to stay in group of close friends, dress soberly and not get drunk.

No thanks. You keep your values where women are to blame for their own rapes and beatings.

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I hope the police don't stifle the investigation as has been done on other west indian islands where the victim was an American or an outsider- there is graft aplenty in these police departments and in a recent case the U.S. gov't. had to push the locals to fully investigate.R.I.P. to a shining light.

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Aye aye man, whatca dooin. Been there and know many Trini's and for a single probably naïve Japanese woman to spend time every year at a drunken bacanal festival is foolish. Trinidad although a once British colony with white overlords until the early 1960's is full of Indians, Chinese, Africans and whites as well as their mixed progeny. Probably as safe as if a Japanese woman goes "native" in India or some African country. Too bad RIP but if you are going to go to a third world country stay together with friends.

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As a Trinidadian I am truly saddened by her death. I am also embarrassed by the reckless comments made by The Mayor of Port of Spain and The Mayor of Pt Fortin. May her <>soul rest in peace. <>****

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Rip, Asami.

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Condolences to the parents, relatives, friends and people of Japan for the untimely loss of your beautiful child, relative, friend and citizen. All of T&T and in fact anyone, who has or has had any connection to Trinidad and Tobago right now feels a sense of embarrassment and anger both at the same time. Many people in T&T loved this young woman dearly. I live in New York City and was streaming Panorama, (a competition among steel orchestras, which takes place on carnival Saturday night) and I saw Asami playing with PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars. Each time the cameras zeroed in on her we saw her beautiful broad smile and how much she really enjoyed what she was doing, but little did we know that would have been the last time many of us were going to see her. I feel really sorry that it turned out to be a bright young beautiful and talented woman like Asami, but T&T more so, Trinidad is NOT a place where foreigners visit and are killed, especially NOT at carnival time, so it has left the population quite stunned. What is even more shocking is that it turned out to be someone, who is quite popular among many Trinis within the steel pan fraternity. I can only imagine what her friends, who were visiting with her at that time and who have since departed must now feel, but it is NOT a place where foreigners are targeted in any way, so we are thinking maybe it was a crime of passion, because many Trinis loved her. It could have been someone, whose advances she rejected and the person reacted violently. I pray the police solve this crime as quickly as possible and bring back some dignity to T&T where its visitors and annual carnival are concerned. To Asami's visiting Japanese friends: While we KNOW T&T WILL be a bad reminder to you of Asami's death, we do hope you are NOT scared to return. I am sure seeing you guys again WILL bring some comfort and smiles to her friends back in T&T. Please also KNOW that the majority of People associated with T&T are disgusted by the mayor's comments. He had some concerns about the festival, but it was the wrong place and time to bring them up. He should have just expressed his condolences and moved on and if he still chose to raise his concerns, he could have done so at another forum. Last, but NOT least, to Asami's parents: I CANNOT imagine the hole you MUST NOW FEEL in your hearts and even though, I have NEVER met your beautiful daughter I FEEL your pain. Condolences to everyone again and may her soul rest in peace. She WILL be surely missed in T&T.

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