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Japanese police arrest Red Army member on return from U.S.


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“human life outweighs the Earth”

It's hard to argue with that. But us older cynics will wonder if all human lives are worth the same. Four legs good..., etc.

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Then Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda accepted the hijackers’ demands, saying “human life outweighs the Earth”.

Sadly it is a different era. I wonder what would have happened with Goto had this extradition taken place prior to his assassination. Would Abe have been forced by public pressure to pay the ransom?

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He should have stayed in USA, he could get a professorship here.

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Shirosaki was arrested by Japanese police on suspicion of attempting to set fire to a hotel room in Jakarta in 1986.

Do they not have anything else against him?

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That PM was uber weak... released from jail under threat then gets away.

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Had he have been active today, under a new form of "justice" he would have been sent to gitmo or renditioned to a black site and tortured.

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7 more to go.

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The Red Army is still a live and kicking, Just under different names, such as Hizbolla, Hamas, and Palestinians group...

How ironic, Kozo Okamoto who converting to the Muslim religion, joining the terrorist group of PLO (Palestinians) committed a terrible crime in Tel Aviv airport (Old name Lod Airport).

Years later, Muslims beheading Japanese innocent people. With the Help of Japanese who converted to Islam... How sad and ironic.

Anyone who is belong to the Red Army is in fact a traitor, and should be punished accordingly.

I believe Kozo Okamoto is still wanted by the Japanese Police. However, if the Japanese police really wanted to catch him, they could - they are not trying hard enough. ..

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If the Japanese police can arrest someone for setting fire to a hotel overseas why can't they arrest Japanese who travel to asia to visit child prostitutes? Do they have the jurisdicton to arrest Japanese for crimes committed overseas?

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@Scrote: You have proofs of such actions and so you can sue in a Japanese court or sell you story to Japanese weekly gossip magazines. It will make you famous. Make sure to provide your proofs. Photos will work, too, Just show you were in such ciuntries and visa to prove that. Japanese Gossip magazines will love your story

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You are absolutely correct. And there are many friends of Red Army under different names and groups in Japan disguised in liberals. Let's not forget Peaceboat 辻元清美’s husband is Red Army also. Lefties bash Uyokus hard but they tend to overlook the danger far-left and crime they have committed in the name of their justice.

Ideology needs to find a good balance, clearly.

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Japanese police arrest Red Army member on return from U.S.

Good, now drop this piece of human waste into a deep dark hole so he can never again do anyone any harm!

warispeaceFeb. 21, 2015 - 08:56AM JST Had he have been active today, under a new form of "justice" he would have been sent to gitmo or renditioned to a black site and tortured.

That is exactly what should have happened to this terrorist!

NYtodayFeb. 21, 2015 - 03:15PM JST 7 more to go.

It will be a great day when all (and I mean all) the members of that Communist Terrorist organization are either in some dark hole or dead in a ditch!

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Communist/socialist POS. May he die in a cold prison cell.

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Tsutomu Shirosaki, 67, was deported from the United States after serving a 15-year prison term there, public broadcaster NHK said.


@turbo: He should have stayed in USA, he could get a professorship here.


He could not stay in USA. He was in jail and now he was deported from USA to Japan. Even it was with free plane ride. If Japan has no time limit to prosecute murderers, he will be prosecuted in Japan and what he spent in USA is not going to be counted as USA is not in Japanese judisdiction.

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toshiko: He could not stay in USA.

I was joking :). Re a certain U. Illinois ex-professor, former Weather Underground terrorist fugitive, and Obama-mentor-the-mainstream-media-cannot-admit-to, or even his spouse (also an ex-professor and former Weather Underground terrorist fugitive).

Weather Underground was USA's equivalent of Japan's Red Army.


... organized in 1969 as a faction of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) composed for the most part of the national office leadership of SDS and their supporters. Their goal was to create a clandestine revolutionary party for the overthrow of the U.S. government.

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@turbo: Sorry I misunderstood. I thought you missed him released. I should wait as you are usually best informed person in USA data. .

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@toshiko: Thanks! :)

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And I stand by my comment that this communist/socialist POS may expire in a cold prison cell.

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