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Police officer resigns after driving without license


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I agree! I don't think that she should have been fired. Issue her a bicycle or put her on train detail.

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Instead of firing her, they should of issued her a bicycle.

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If they docked the Keystones a dollar for every ‘regrettable incident’ and returned that money to the public purse as punishment, pretty soon they’d start paying for themselves!

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If this constitutes "crime" worthy of media coverage, we're doing pretty damn good.

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Do they still check if they are actually police?

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In the military, personnel are required to have a military vehicles operation qualification as well as a civilian license. The police operate cars with civilian number plates, and the insurance policy covers anyone who may operate the vehicle, not a specific driver. This may be the reason that they were lax on actually checking if the recruits had the license they declared to possess.

Anyways, it sounds like she was just moving cars around the motor pool, and not hitting the streets.

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Few days ago a female Japanese police officer found as prostitution mode,

Another female Japanese police officer drive without licence

So main question, how about their internal intelligence activity?

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You would assume that in every police officers' HR files, there would be a copy of their driver's license, if they possessed one.

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The more I read the less I have faith in the police department.

I mean to be fair the fact that a minor incident like this is even deemed worth reporting as news indicates how relatively professional and efficient Japanese police are compared to other countries.

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How does one go through the academy without a proper background check? The more I read the less I have faith in the police department.

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And the prefectural authority never made certain that their employee had the requisite license?

Sloppy admin!

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So, nobody checked to see if she has a license before she was asked to drive the first time?

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